Yahoo Faces Lawsuit over Security Breach

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According to news, Yahoo is the newest corporation to face a lawsuit. Google, Samsung, Apple and Facebook were known as corporations that suffered from lawsuits every now and then. Be it patents, copyrights, copied ideas or consumer problems, these corporations stole the shine but now Yahoo has stepped in the lawsuit party as it gets sued over a major security breach.

According to California’s recent activities the organization is facing a major internet security lawsuit due to the breach in its security as a group of hackers known as Eastern European entered the Yahoo lines and accessed more than five hundred thousand unencrypted accounts.

The organization is a well known internet company that is playing at high stakes. After Google, Yahoo is the organization that’s gaining popularity with the Yahoo mail and instant messaging portal Yahoo has always been a favorite of consumers. The organization provided internet services to millions of users around the world everyday but didn’t realize the preliminaries of internet security. They hadn’t implemented any security for its millions of users and it was found that user’s personal information was as open as an open book on the street. Anybody could have accessed it easily and the Eastern European group of hackers joked about how easy access into Yahoo was and they easily gathered unencrypted data of more than four hundred thousand online users. They took their personal information as well as their login credentials and all the information contained in the accounts.

According to the lawsuit developed, the lead Jeff Allen says that his information and the information of thousands of users apart from him were posted online for the world to see. Anybody could gather than personal information and use it for their pleasure; nothing was left as the security breach was so intensified. Allan says that within days of the security breach he received an alert of account fraud on his eBay accounts as it said that his Yahoo login credentials were used to hack into his eBay account. Allan then realized that Yahoo had suffered a security breach and said that he didn’t even know how much information the hackers had accessed, his private life, his pictures and bank accounts details were all visible to the hackers and all because of Yahoo’s inability to give optimal service to its consumers, considering their users put their trust in the website and this is what they attained.

The law situation seriously states that “Plaintiff Allan brings this class action lawsuit against Yahoo for failing to adequately safeguard his and others’ personal information. Mr. Allan seeks an order requiring Yahoo to remedy the harm caused by its negligent security, which may include compensating plaintiff and class members for resulting account fraud and for all reasonably necessary measures plaintiff and class members have had to take in order to identify and safeguard the accounts put at risk by Yahoo’s negligent security”. The claim clearly shows Yahoo’s inability to secure it’s consumers and Yahoo is in deep trouble because of this.

Allan states that due to Yahoo’s inability to safeguard his data the company lost millions of consumers and many high-yielding clients. According to Yahoo’s own blog post it said that the hackers didn’t access the whole data base but only a standalone file that contained the information of users who had joined Yahoo before May 2010.

Whatever Yahoo says it is still blamed for its inability to guard its consumer’s data. The decrypted login credentials showed that Yahoo couldn’t even take a simple step of encrypting user data and maybe if it did that it wouldn’t have suffered such a catastrophe.

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