What is an invalid click ?


Mouse is yours, clicking your mouse is exactly simple as ever. Then what is an Invalid Click? All right! let me explain in this way. Have you heard about PPC programs? That means Pay per Click. Publishers put out advertisers’ ads on their website. When someone clicks on the ad, the advertiser pays the publisher.

What will happen if you click your own ads? What will happen if you tell someone to click your ads ? What will happen if you use some kind of script or a software to click your own ads ? These things are called Invalid Clicks. 

If you do so, advertiser is just wasting his money for nothing. Clicking an ad is supposed to be an ordinary thing. Advertiser needs more customers or advertiser needs to promote his products. But that is not going to happen if you do any Invalid Click.

When it comes to PPC programs like Google Adsense, they are very strict over Invalid Clicks.

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