Watch out! Social media criminals!


For the time being Social Media is doing a great job on internet whereas it is manipulated by some crooks to get done non-virtuous things. Therefore Social Media  has both pros and cons which is  the general scenario of anything modern in the contemporary world. As if you use a knife when you cook whereas the  same knife can be used to stab someone. Ok ! What if Facebook Twitter Myspace are deployed for bad purposes? To ban social media all over the world? No way. It’s not the solution. Those who misuse need to be punished under the law. Mind you! People have used Facebook and Twitter as the main source of communication in organizing crimes.

Here comes the most interesting part. Few weeks ago NYdailynews reported that NYPD has formed a new police unit to track those who abuse facebook, Twitter and Myspace to plan out crimes or to brag about their crimes. They may implement it with the support from social media.

How do you help them ?

Social media web sites have millions of users. As a user you are allowed to report anything appears suspicious to you. Not only the crimes, you can report anything threatening, pornographic that contains nudity, graphic or violence. By reporting these shady activities social media websites can trace them down with no trouble.

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