Top Three New Apps for an Organized College Life

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How many well organized college students do you know? Probably not too many. Luckily for us disorganized students, technology is here to help. The rise of iPhones and iPads has opened up a tremendous resource for any person struggling to keep themselves in order, but students are in the best spot to capitalize on it.

After all, most students own some type of Apple product, and good organization can make a much bigger difference in a student’s life. With that said, here are three new apps that scatterbrained college learners should give a shot.

1. Evernote 5

Evernote is a fantastic note taking app that is a real step above handwriting notes in a spiral notebook. The interface is clean and well designed, making the app a blast to use even on the small screen of an iPhone 4.

Evernote 5 keeps your notes well organized, and one of the best parts is that they’re saved on iCloud which means you can take notes on one device and read them on another. You can also tag your notes for easy searching, or add a location and see it on the map. Evernote 5 is free, but there is a premium version with even more features that you might want to check out.

2. Mint

Personal finance is not something a lot of college students like to think about, but that might change thanks to Mint. Mint (in combination with a free account) lets you keep track of bank account balances, daily spending, bills, and lots of other fiscally important stuff. Mint makes it much easier for a financial novice to budget.

Mint has actually been around for a couple of years, but recent updates have optimized the app for the iPhone 5 and added a lot of great new features that make it even easier to keep track of your money. For a college student this could mean the difference between going out with friends on a Friday night and eating cold ramen in a dorm room.

3. Anki 2

Recent studies show that spaced repetition software is one of the best ways to learn and retain new information. We’re talking about high-tech flashcards, more or less, and Anki 2 is a great app for that. Flashcards are probably already part of your study routine, especially if you take a foreign language course, but Anki 2 helps you take them to a whole new level.

Creating the cards is quick and simple; you can even add images and sounds to your cards, or links to useful web pages. Once you start studying, Anki will schedule which cards to show you so that you’re best able to remember them permanently. Anki 2 is a great alternative to having cluttered stacks of index cards gathering dust around your apartment.

These are just a couple of new apps to help a disorganized college student, but they’re must haves. But almost anybody can benefit from these three apps, so don’t count yourself out if you’re not in school. Ending your organizational issues is probably easier than it has ever before; all you need is an iPhone or iPad and a little bit of help.

Author Bio : James Traynor is a freelance author, college student, and iOS user. He writes for various tech and entertainment blogs across the web, as well as contributing frequently to college research sites such as In his spare time, James enjoys designing websites and sampling as many different unique beers as he can find.

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