The Best Out Of Your Gmail With Simple Tweaks

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Gmail is a worldwide mail service, and the most favorite service of the users, globally. There are however, features that users do not use to their fullest. We’re going to discuss about few of the simple features that will be helpful to both novice users and the experts, to utilize this service in a better manner.

Read on to have know-how about the simple tweaks, to have an improved experience of using Gmail, next time.

Fetching mails have been made too easy:

Eventually, you may have a stack of hundreds of mails in your mailbox. It could be difficult to fetch a long lost mail from such a huge lot of mails. So, Google has come up with an easy search parameter viz. parameter: message size. For example, if you remember a mail that has attachment of 15 MB, but older than 4 months, then you can type as—size:15m older_than:4m (“older_than” is a modifier), to fetch it or narrowing down your search.

However, if you want to list out the e-mails that have attachments bigger than 15 MB, then type—size:15m.

Working offline has been made more convenient:

Situation may arise that you do not have any internet connection or internet connection would be too slow to allow you to work properly. In such a scenario, you can get your ‘Gmail Offline’ downloaded and installed in your system, so that you can carry out all the activities that you would have done in an online Gmail account—right from composing mails, reading mails, archiving mails to searching mails. The only thing you cannot do is to send the composed mails, all you need to do is syncing them, so that next time you’re online, the mails will be sent automatically.

Do remember that ‘Gmail Offline’ requires Google Chrome browser.

Cluttered thread is not a problem anymore!

The longer the thread of e-mail is, the more difficult it is to follow the e-mail. Whenever, you click on the ‘Reply’ button to reply to a sender, it will show the entire conversation in the body of the mail, which could be annoying. This problem can be avoided, if you select the part of the conversation that you want to reply to, and then hit the ‘Reply’ button.

By doing this, you will have the selected text in the body of the e-mail and the mess will be reduced to a great extent.

Disable the conversation view:

Certain users are comfortable with the spread out view of their e-mails, to have a better view while navigating through the mailbox, which means that they do not need the entire thread of their conversation.

To opt for the spread out view, you need to go to the ‘settings’ of your Gmail account and choose “Conversation view off”.

These are few of the simple tweaks that let you have an easy navigation through your Gmail mailbox.

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