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How to increase WiFi signals with a beer-can


Have you ever thought that an empty beer-can can increase your Wi-Fi signals? Believe me when I heard it first time I got freaked out too. Actually it’s pretty true. I have done it and it resulted well. It gave me two more WiFi bars.

This can be applied to the WiFi connection at your home. Lot of people uses only one router at home to use Wi-Fi. Therefore WiFi signal strength could be little weak.

Please don’t practice this as soon as you finish ur can of beer. Do it next day. Otherwise you will be injured, when you cut the beer-can.

All right this is how we do it.

Get your empty beer-can and clean it with water. Keep it for some time to get dry.

Get a knife and cut off the bottom part of the beer-can.

Then cut top of the can but do not separate it. Keep a small section close to the opening of the beer can.

Then on the body of the can, cut along a straight line up as it can get spread as a sheet. Alright we are almost done.

Now spread the cut part of the beer cans.

All right. Slot in the beer-can hole in to your Wi-Fi antenna. Check your WiFi signals. They should be increased now.

For more details please check the video.