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Steps in Cleaning Your PC of Junk

This is a guest post by Lindsey Mcmahon. If you would like to guest post on nimztech, Please check the guidelines.


Unfortunately, junk happens. Specifically, it happens to build up on computers over time. This is bad. Junk can slow down your computer and make it generally unpleasant to use and ineffective at doing computer type things. Junk comes in many different forms,, and so there are many different approaches to removing it.

Empty Your Recycling Bin of Junk

One thing that people forget to do enough, is empty their recycling bin on their computer. This is important, because if you just choose a file and click “delete,” it often won’t actually free up any space on your hard drive, because it will go to the bin instead. And simply sending files to the bin doesn’t actually solve anything. If you don’t remove junk files that you don’t need regularly enough, it will fill up your hard drive and it could have the following negative effects.

  • Slow down your computer
  • Make your computer run less efficiently
  • Make it harder to find files you do need.

Use Junk Removal Programs

An example of programs that remove junk, are the ones that are called PC optimizers. An example is Ccleaner. This program has various different functions. For example, you can have it automatically clean the cache and cookies in every single browser on your computer all at the same time, with just a click. This junk data has a tendency to clutter up browsers and cause them ro tun slower. PC optimization programs can also clean your registry as well. Doing this manually is definitely not something amateurs should try, so getting a program to fix the problem for you is useful. Most of these programs are free, and there are many others besides Ccleaner.

Use Anti-malware Programs

The difference between malware and viruses is mostly semantic, but there are many different programs that can remove junk files and software off your computer if they are cause you trouble. For example, if you constantly get popups that advertise about something like antivirus, it means you probably have some sort of malware on your computer. Your computer won’t generally just tell you it has malware, you have to notice this for yourself. And unwanted popups in the form of Internet Explorer windows are a trick many extortion schemes use to make you buy software that will likely only make your computer worse.

Fortunately, you can solve this problem by getting some real software such as from Norton Online or Malwarebytes. These programs are experts on removing ridiculous junk from your computer so that it will run more smoothly without any annoying interruptions like popup windows. In point of fact, it’s a good idea to get antivirus software running on your computer as quickly as possible, since if you leave it unprotected, the problems could compound pretty quickly and leave your computer unusable in a hurry.

It can be irritating to get around to junk removal duty every week or so, but you’ll be happy you set something up in the long run when your computer isn’t taking 20 minutes to load because of a screen full of useless popups.

Author Bio Lindsey Mcmahon likes to travel, play and read in her free time. Her interests are entertainment, television and tech, but she is constantly extending her field of view to incorporate interesting news suggested to her by her readers.