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Two smart apps to scan barcodes on your Android device

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Nowadays we see numerous types of barcode readers at the shops. It has become a necessity and most widely used device. The Smartphone industry, especially the Android manufacturers has embedded remarkable applications that provide more value and do various tasks that one can’t imagine performing with Smart phone.

You would be surprised to know that barcode scanner application is now available, which uses the Smartphone camera to reveal information stored on the product’s barcode. So you won’t have to carry products to cash counter, and instead get answers to all inquiries with your Android phone.

Two of the most intelligent applications that provide excellent shopping experience will be discussed here.



-Functionality of this application is similar to traditional barcode scanner. You can easily view the prices by scanning the products with the Android device. Good thing about it is that it also beeps, which gives you the feeling of a top-notch barcode reader. Moreover, there are many innovative attributes that conventional bar code scanner do not offer.

-The users have the facility to conveniently purchase items from the online E-commerce sites. You will have the latest prices from the major retailers thus enabling users to make wise decision.

-The users can save money as they can take advantage of rebates, coupons and other promotional offers. You can easily search for the best retailers and stores in your neighborhood. Most compelling feature is the complete information of prices. So the customers can compare prices of leading stores and pick the product that meets your budget.

-Online shopping is easy and order can be placed directly on the website of merchant.

-You can customize and add information whereas the home-screen of this application also features a search box, thus facilitating the customers to use their specific keywords.

-No need to worry about currency as it supports USD, Sterling Pounds, Euro and many others.



-Your Android device can perform functionalities of other products as well. This is another intelligent application that transforms the built-in camera into bar-code scanner.

-Just hold the Smartphone over the bar code imprinted on the product and all detail would appear on the Android device.

-Compare prices of different stores and take advantage of the best deal. So you have complete knowledge of the product’s average price.

-Wide range of 2D barcodes can be easily scanned with this intelligent application including EZcode, Data matrix etc. So shop with confidence and spend money wisely.

-This application not only gives you the price of the product, but also brings out other valuable information like ingredients, nutritional value. So the product can be easily purchased with few clicks.

-Users have complete information of prices from the major online stores Best Buy, Amazon etc. It extracts prices from more than 30 retailers as well as the prices of nearby stores can be searched conveniently.

-Moreover, the valuable information that you have gathered can be easily shared with your friends by creating QR code. Spread the scanned information through social sites (Twitter, Facebook).

Author Bio : Steven Bryant, marketing manager at www.tape4backup.com, writes about all types of technologies from disk solutions to the industry leading in tapes.