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What’s New on Apple’s New iMac

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Photo from apple.com

It isn’t long ago when Apple Inc. released the iPhone 5. Surely, the enthusiasts of the popular smartphone met the new product with open arms, even though were thought to have been “bored” by it. Nonetheless, people salivated over this product release, and apparently, Apple Inc. was not done yet.

Last October 23, the company announced its update on its line of desktop computers, which is the iMac. This was the first time in three years that Apple Inc. had made design changes and additional features to these computers. This announcement came shortly after the release of one of the many products of Apple, which is the iPad Mini.

About the iMac

First introduced in 1998, the iMac evolved through time. Continuous innovations and renovations, internal and external, were very evident through the years. The first “transparent gumdrop” monitor was a very well-known design of the iMac, and so is the one that is shaped like the Pixar lamp. Indeed, every design of the iMac was distinct. The company even shifted towards computers which utilizes flatscreen monitors. This gave consumers a wider computing experience.

Now, the new iMac is now out in stores. What does it have today that stands out from the other iterations of the iMac computers?

What’s new with the new iMac?

One thing that Apple Inc. added to the new iMac is its refined screen monitor. Although the new iMac today is still a “carbon copy” of the previous generation of Apple computers, the new one has a very thin screen monitor frame that measures up to about 5 millimeters on the edges. Running upwards to the top of the screen monitor, it carefully curves towards the back with a slight thickness to it.

What’s very interesting about the new iMac’s monitor’s screen glass and the display is combined through a special process. That process did not involve creating an air gap between the display and glass, which is usually at the thickness of 2 mm.

One can definitely ponder that looking at the display of the new iMac does not demonstrate any glare at all. This is due to the fact that the new iMac reduces glare at about 75 percent. In-plane switching technology, or IPS, is also evident on the screen, which means that the display in the monitor can be viewed completely in all angles.

Apart from the screen monitor’s glass-to-display combination, the whole thing itself is made from two aluminum pieces pressurized together with the use of heat. This makes the screen monitor sleeker and slimmer than the previous iMacs.

Moreover, it is a bit surprising that the iMac still doesn’t have a retina display despite the improved display. Ironically, only Apple’s Macbook Pro’s 13-inch display has that kind of feature.

Meanwhile, here are some of the other interesting features of the new iMac:

  • Intel-powered Ivy Bridge processors, which means that the new iMac could run on either Core i5 or a Core i7 processor.
  • A single Fusion Drive, which combines 128 GB flash storage and a 1 TB or 3 TB hard drive.
  • Wireless Keyboard, Magic Mouse, and Magic Trackpad

The new iMac released in the market is the one with the 21.5-inch display. Next month, Apple is expected to release other units, this time with a much larger 27-inch display.

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