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Google chrome keyboard shortcuts provide an easy and effective way to improve productivity

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Now days, Internet is accessed by every individual who uses a computer. Internet research companies have created applications known as “browsers” for accessing different websites at a glance. One can also search required content on the internet with the help of these browsers.

Anyone who uses internet is quite familiar with the term “Google”. It is the most accessed search engine worldwide. Google created a browser for accessing websites through a single gateway and titled it with “Chrome”. Google Chrome was released publicly in November 2008 and has been holding the second highest market share in the segment due to facilities like faster browsing, webpage suggestions and a host of other features.

Google has made the most uncomplicated browser till date but many users face the dilemma of operating Google Chrome efficiently. To address this problem Google has developed this browser with a number of shortcuts for a faster browsing experience. Many people are not aware of these Google Chrome keyboard shortcuts so they end up spending a lot of time for searching simple applications.

Though memorizing all the shortcuts wouldn’t be easy for everyone, a handful of useful shortcuts may go a long way in providing you with a faster and rich browsing experience.

Let us start with the most basic shortcuts which we may use anytime.

1) Ctrl+Shift+b = It shows or hides the bookmarks menu.

2) Ctrl+t = Opens up a new tab on the browser for viewing multiple websites simultaneously.

3) Ctrl+Shift+t = Opens up the exact link of last tab you closed.

4) Ctrl+w = Closes the current tab that you are viewing

5) Ctrl+n = Opens a new window of Google Chrome

Now, I would like to share with you some exciting shortcuts for using Google Chrome.

a) Dragging a link up to the tab area automatically opens that link inside a new tab.

b) Shift+Esc = opens the task manager for Google Chrome

c) Ctrl+h = To access the history of Chrome

d) Ctrl+j = To access the downloads menu

e) Ctrl+back arrow on Chrome= To open previously closed tabs without losing the current tab

f) Ctrl+clicking a link = Opens the clicked link in a new tab

g) Ctrl+(1 to9)= For switching between the currently open tabs

h) Ctrl+l = To access and highlight the URL bar

i) Ctrl +Enter after typing the name of a website= This opens the website with a .com extension

j) Ctrl+shift+del= To quickly delete the history

k) Ctrl+F4 = To close the Chrome browser

I have tried to accumulate the most popular shortcuts of Google Chrome here. I think they would aid in faster problem solving and making your browsing periods a fast and pleasurable experience. Keep using Google Chrome for smarter browsing and use the above Google Chrome keyboard shortcuts to get your work done at brisk pace. Enjoy browsing and keep practicing the above shortcuts to get acquainted with Google Chrome better.

About the author: Alia Haley is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology and luxury. Beside this she is fond of gadgets.


Complete guide on how to Use Gmail multiple sign in

I have got several Gmail address. One is for personal use and others are for business purposes. Signing in to an email address is not a problem but when you have several address it is a headache. Because we have to sign out and sign in from each email address to check them. You will say that you can use several browsers to sign in to a different Gmail address. But know it also is a mess when you have several browsers open in your screen.

Google knows that we have several Gmail addresses. They always understand our specific needs and cater accordingly. So as a solution to the aforesaid matter they introduced “Gmail multiple sign in”.

With this Google Multiple Sign-in you can easily shift in to the other Gmail address from the same browser. You can open multiple tabs for each Gmail account.

That’s the beauty of this great feature. But if you are a simple user, I think this is not for you because it is little bit complicated when you work with several Gmail accounts at once. That’s why Google recommends this feature for advanced users.

Activating Gmail multiple sign in is simple. Go to “Account Settings”


Click on “Edit”


Select “On – Use multiple Google Accounts in the same web browser” and checked other three option under it. Then hit on “Save”


You are almost done. Sign out from all Google accounts to take effect. Sign- in back to your account again. Click on “Switch account”

google switch account

Click on “Sign in to another account” Then Google lets you to sign in to another account.


After you signed in to another account click on “Switch account”

switch accout in other account

Then you can simply switch account by click on the email address.


Happy Gmail multiple sign in. Also if you have not setup Gmail 2 Step Verification I strongly recommend you to do it.


Last days of Google Buzzs Life


Imagine someone who helped you is going to disappear. Retiring a good friend is not a good thing too right ? Is it ? Everyone knows Google Buzz. I’m pretty sure you have heard about it and you are still using it. Google Buzz is standing under the “Inbox” link in your Gmail.

Google Buzz helps you share interesting post, web pages and basically online content. Imagine you found something interesting and you need to show it to your friends. The next step of yours will be to send it via email? Won’t it? But, with Google Buzz we can easily share online stuff with your friends and they can even comment on it. I remember Google introduced Google Buzz back in February 2010.

Now Google is going to put a full stop to Google Buzz and going to get retired in few weeks. I think the reason is Google +1. Because you can share online content with your google +1 profile.

What about current posts?

As you know Google never let you down. Google gives you two ways to keep current posts on Google Buzz.

1. Your current Google Buzz remaining on your Google +1 profile

2. You can download Google Buzz content by using Google Takeout .

To download your Google Buzz data you can view this tutorial


How to download your Google product Data


As you know Google offers you plenty of things. Yes Google has a right way if you want to download or export your Google product data. It is called Google Takeout. Personally I love its name as its simple and meaningful. You can download your Gmail contacts, Google Buzz posts, Picasa Web photos, Profile data etc in couple clicks. Actually this is good as a backup too since you can import your data if something goes wrong with your Google products data. As an example imagine someone hacked your Picasa web photos and deleted all your pictures.

To download Google product data go to www.google.com/takeout and click on “Create Achieve” button.



It will create a zip file for you. Then you can simply download it.




Note : With Google Takeout you can especially download Google Buzz data as Google is going to retire Google Buzz in few weeks.

new google maps with webgl

Did you experience new Google Maps with 3D ?

new google maps with webgl

This is an incredible feature brought by Google Maps. If you have used Google Maps before you would remember how it was. It didn’t have that much nice looking 3D maps. It tried to give you much 3D look but failed.Now Google Maps comes with WebGL (Web-based Graphics Library).

What is WebGL (Web-based Graphics Library)  ?

WebGL is a new web technology which brings 3D graphics to your browser. Sounds great ahh ? The best part is you don’t need to install any new software or single plugin to your computer.

Can anyone use Google 3D Maps ?

Like I said this is a new web technology. Therefore you need to have updated browser.

Chrome version 14 + or Firefox 8+ are support for Google 3D maps. And your operating systems should be Mac OS Snow Leopard 10.6+, Lion 10.7+, Windows Vista or 7 or Linux. Other thing is your drivers. Your drivers should be published later than January 1, 2009.

To get started visit www.maps.google.com and you will see “Want to try something new” in the bottom left side of the page.

want to try somethng new


How to setup Google 2-Step Verification ?


You know how important your Google user name and password are, if you use specially Google Adsense. There are lot of applications which can be run via your Google account. I don’t think that you want to let someone hack your Google account. I seriously don’t even want to think about it. Yes it is scary.

Google introduced a fantastic option to protect your Google account from hackers sometime back. But majority still don’t use it and some have not even heard about it. This is called 2-Step Verification. Actually this works with your phone as well. This is a great idea as  hackers can guess your password but they can not have access to your phone.

How does Google 2-Step Verification work ? 

It is really simple. If someone tries to sign-in to your Google account, Google asks you a verification code which is simultaneously sent to your phone. Then hackers have no luck in signing  in to your Google account even  though they are brilliant in guessing  your password as they can not have access to your phone.

When you go through the setup you can choose another phone number as backup. You can set your home number there. They apparently  give you 10 more backup verification codes.

How to setup Google 2-Step verification ?

Go to your Account settings.


Click on “Using 2-step verification” and go through the setup process.


That it. You just added another security layer to your Google account.

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Have you come across with the New sign-in page in Google


Few months ago Google builded realtime search and they also improved Google search . Google corporation always improves their products. They have turned up with a major change in their Sign In page. The design has been modified. But still it directs to the old page when you access the sign in page. They’ve made us experiencing the latest version you can see too links appearing at the bottom of the Google sign in page.

By clicking “Preview it” you can jump in to the new look. According to Google you are allowed to skip the latest version and be in contact with the old ,if you are not so cozy with the new look. But that’s just for a certain period of time. Most probably the  new design maybe the default page in time to come.

Sometimes you may see the old page design again even if you switch to the new design. It happens due to signing in from a different browser or different location (IP address). Not to worry! it is not an error.  Always check the URL of the browser to make sure that you have landed in right Google sign in page. As you know,It’s apparent that Google sign in page is extremely Secured. Therefore check whether it is HTTPS and www.google.com/accounts oraccounts.google.com. Because you may mistakenly type your Google user name and password in a different web page which is a trap of a spammer.

If you see any errors or bugs you can report here. Please report them because it helps foster their superior products.


Belated Birthday wishes Google Adsense

google-adsense-birthday8 Years ago Google introduced a great product called Google Adsense (Initially released on 18th June, 2003). Google Adsense is the top PPC (Pay per Click) program in the world now. They always give us the best features. Now it has become a full time earning mean of thousands of people all around the world. When someone gets banned due to an unethical behavior, thousands of people earn thousands of dollars as a result of using Google Adsense in correct ways.

Earlier they accepted more Google Adsense requests. People open free blogs atblogspot.com, writing one or two articles and next thing was requesting for a Google Adsense account. If the blog is not about phonographic or something abusing. Google Adsense would accept their requests right away. But today it’s different owing to so many competitors and so many invalid clicks.

Now it is not that easy, if you don’t have least small amount of traffic and content.you cannot get accepted by Google Adsense. If you want to get accepted, wait till your traffic grows up a little bit.

Since its start Google Adsense has achieved many things. For the time being Google Adsense has built:

  • AdSense for Feeds
  • AdSense for search
  • AdSense for content
  • AdSense for mobile content
  • AdSense for domains
  • AdSense for video

I hope there will be more products by its next birthday. Once again Happy Belated wishes Google Adsense.


How to add Google +1 button to your website


Google introduced +1 button couple of  days back. If you read my previous blog article, you can find out the  importance of Google +1. We can see this new feature almost on  all the  websites and blogs.  From this article I will show you how to add Google +1 button to your website.

How to add Google +1 button to your WordPress blog ?

The easiest way is to install a plugin for Google +1 button. Then login to your WordPress blog and click  “Add New” under Plugins. There are lot of plugin buttons for this. However in my opinion there is an ideal plugin called “WordPress plugin – Google +1 Button” which is easy to use, uncomplicated,  and trouble free.

Therefore search for “WordPress plugin – Google +1 Button”


The following  plugin will appear as the first search result in your search.

wordpress-plugin-google +1-button

Install it. After the instalation ,you can see a new tab called” Google +1” ahead of the Performance tab.


Go to settings and customize it accordingly.


How to add Google +1 button to your static website ?

Go to Google webmasters. You can see there is ” Get Recommended on Google search

get-recommended-on-google-search-google +1button

Sign in with your Gmail. After you log in, you will be given 4 button options. Select your preference.


There are two separate codes to be placed on your web page.
First code is to be placed inside of the HEAD tag or before the ending body tag and set the second code where you want Google +1 button to be appeared.


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Google introduces Google +1 button


Here is another  great work of Google. This is going to help when someone searches for something on the web, They can see how many people have recommended the relevant web page and they might be of your friends or family. According to Google  the Smart thing is ,Google gives priority to web pages which have  +1 recommendations in the search result.


Actually, by clicking on +1 Google button we recommend to people on the ideal web pages relevent to their search. In my opinion, this is as similar as clicking on the ” like” button on Facebook. Nevertheless google +1 button means something greater than that.  When someone clicks on  this button, It implies me that  he/she says “Here is another recommendation  for +1 concept”

How to Use Google +1 button ?

The user should have a Gmail account to use this button.They can submit their recommendations, after signing  in to their Gmail account.

First time it’s asking “Confirm how you’ll appear”.


Web site owners can make use of  Google +1 button from Google Web Master Tools and for advertisers Google +1 button will appear automatically in  search ads result in future.

google search engine

Google’s cool advance search

google search engine

Google gives you the best thing always. Today they have added a new feature to the search engine. Because of this it is easy to search on the web. Like you know, Google search engine is in then middle of the page and when you type something in the search box it suddenly goes to the top of the page. While giving you search result for what have you typed. The cool thing is the search engine does not wait until you finish typing the phrase and hitting enter.

Google realtime

Do you want to search something in the real time ?

Everyday Google brings amazing stuff to the table. I have written an article about a cool feature on Gmail before. Today I will talk about something which is developed by Google recently. Lots of people have not seen this great feature because it is among the google top link menu. It’s called Google realtime Search.
Google realtime

Believe me it is amazing. You can find out about a hot topic from all around the world. Realtime collects news stories, blog posts and updates from popular networks like twitter and facebook. That’s why it’s called Realtime search. With realtime search you can also search for something by location.

google realtime search with a custom search location

To use realtime search you can simply type http://www.google.com/realtime or you can click realtime from top of the google link menu.