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Google chrome keyboard shortcuts provide an easy and effective way to improve productivity

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Now days, Internet is accessed by every individual who uses a computer. Internet research companies have created applications known as “browsers” for accessing different websites at a glance. One can also search required content on the internet with the help of these browsers.

Anyone who uses internet is quite familiar with the term “Google”. It is the most accessed search engine worldwide. Google created a browser for accessing websites through a single gateway and titled it with “Chrome”. Google Chrome was released publicly in November 2008 and has been holding the second highest market share in the segment due to facilities like faster browsing, webpage suggestions and a host of other features.

Google has made the most uncomplicated browser till date but many users face the dilemma of operating Google Chrome efficiently. To address this problem Google has developed this browser with a number of shortcuts for a faster browsing experience. Many people are not aware of these Google Chrome keyboard shortcuts so they end up spending a lot of time for searching simple applications.

Though memorizing all the shortcuts wouldn’t be easy for everyone, a handful of useful shortcuts may go a long way in providing you with a faster and rich browsing experience.

Let us start with the most basic shortcuts which we may use anytime.

1) Ctrl+Shift+b = It shows or hides the bookmarks menu.

2) Ctrl+t = Opens up a new tab on the browser for viewing multiple websites simultaneously.

3) Ctrl+Shift+t = Opens up the exact link of last tab you closed.

4) Ctrl+w = Closes the current tab that you are viewing

5) Ctrl+n = Opens a new window of Google Chrome

Now, I would like to share with you some exciting shortcuts for using Google Chrome.

a) Dragging a link up to the tab area automatically opens that link inside a new tab.

b) Shift+Esc = opens the task manager for Google Chrome

c) Ctrl+h = To access the history of Chrome

d) Ctrl+j = To access the downloads menu

e) Ctrl+back arrow on Chrome= To open previously closed tabs without losing the current tab

f) Ctrl+clicking a link = Opens the clicked link in a new tab

g) Ctrl+(1 to9)= For switching between the currently open tabs

h) Ctrl+l = To access and highlight the URL bar

i) Ctrl +Enter after typing the name of a website= This opens the website with a .com extension

j) Ctrl+shift+del= To quickly delete the history

k) Ctrl+F4 = To close the Chrome browser

I have tried to accumulate the most popular shortcuts of Google Chrome here. I think they would aid in faster problem solving and making your browsing periods a fast and pleasurable experience. Keep using Google Chrome for smarter browsing and use the above Google Chrome keyboard shortcuts to get your work done at brisk pace. Enjoy browsing and keep practicing the above shortcuts to get acquainted with Google Chrome better.

About the author: Alia Haley is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology and luxury. Beside this she is fond of gadgets.


How to fix Google Chrome Crash issue


Programs crash due to many reasons. It’s not new nor is it a big thing to a pc. But we cannot work if a program crashes continuously.

Google Chrome browser has this crashing problem due to couple of reasons.

How to fix Google Chrome Crash issue?

Solution 1

Google Chrome browser crashes because the browser is not up to date. Therefore first check your Google Chrome browser version and see whether you have the latest, if not update it.

Solution 2

Sometimes Google Chrome browser crashes after installing some third party software, such as Internet Download Manager. If you installed it follow this method.

Open Internet Download Manager and go to option. Untick “Google Chrome” from under “capture downloads from the following browsers”

internet download manager untick google chrome browser

Solution 3

If you just installed a new extension open Google Chrome extensions and uninstall it. Also, when you install third party software some unnecessary extensions are installed without asking you. Have a look and uninstall them too.

Solution 4

Malware can crash your Google Chrome browser. Might be a virus is trying to inject the Google Chrome browser every time you open the browser. Because of this, your favorite Google Chrome browser can crash. Therefore, do a system scan and see whether you have any malware in your system.

Solution 5

This can be due to corruption of system files. Therefore check whether your protected system files are corrupted. If so repair them.

Solution 6

If you still have the problem after following these four steps, I suggest you do a system restore. Then your Google Chrome browser will be definitely fine.

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How to update your Google Chrome browser


I suggest you to check your Google Chrome browser version. If there is any new version, update it because Google browser gets crashed due to using old versions sometimes.

Google Chrome team makes its maximam effort to make it more secured, faster, user friendly. Therefore you have the best more secured, faster, user friendly browser if you update it properly.


How to update Google Chrome browser

Click on “Tools” and select “About Google Chrome” from the pop up menu.


Then a window will pop up. You can see a tiny animation which searches for a new update.  If there is a new update it will be searched and installed automatically.

Google Chrome ckecking for updates.



Google Chrome installing updates.



Google Chrome update is done now browser is up to date.