Spend few cents and check your emails on your mobile

Downloaded data (Usage) = your internet bill

This is how some mobile service providers charge you for using internet (GPRS). The More you download, the higher your mobile bill is. Actually we do not download that much data on our mobile. If we want to download something we always use a pc, because that is really easier than getting it downloaded on our mobile. But if we are away from the computer for longer ,we may need to check emails on our mobile.

When you browse the internet it shows you everything on the page, especially the relevant images which are not necessary though. Content-wise images take more capacity. Imagine you want to check your Gmail. So when the page is loaded. It brings you everything (text + images, etc..). If you can just view the text and block the images, it takes cents to read your email. So I will show you how to block images while you check your emails on your Nokia mobile. I’m going to use Nokia 3100 Classic phone for this.

Go to “Web” from the menu


And go to “Settings”


then “Appearance Settings”


Then go to “Show images”


and simply change it to “Yes” to “No”


Now browser does not show you images and it will take few cents to check your emails because it downloads texts only. If you want to see images you can go to “Show images” and change it to “Yes”

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  1. Jagath

    This is really useful. People spend load of money sometimes due to unaware of this facility. Thank you informing us.


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