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Spam comments are funny

Many people never understand that they can’t get visitors by spamming on other’s websites. They keep spamming not knowing that they are killing their own image by posting their stupid common comments. I wonder they keep doing this although they know there are many good spam finding software like Akismet.

Spammers never realize that good unique contents bring thousands of visitors per day to their website or they are just looking for something for instant money. Guess what! sometimes I read their comments in my spam comments folder. Because those comments are really hilarious and tricky. It’s really funny to see how they are trying to get visitors by posting tricky comments.

Nowadays they appreciate the article very much and they don’t put links in the comment. They except people to click their name because it’s a point to their websites.

These are some funny comments which I have captured.

spam comments 1


spam comments 5


spam comments 2


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