Smart TVs Introduce Ease to Convenience

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Television over the last couple of decades has cemented themselves as a home fixture drawing families around the tube every evening to catch up on news, sitcoms, and the latest sports event. The technology has been advancing to improve the audience’s experience by adding more channels, higher resolution, bigger screens. Now, though, television companies have taken it a step further by incorporating another growing aspect in people’s lives- the internet. Mobile phones have incorporated the internet and they have become smart, so have the televisions become smart now.

Internet companies have been vying for the attention of consumers, and succeeding, by introducing new and exciting features to various websites, and social media. Nowadays, a majority of people are connected one way or the other over the internet, either by Facebook, or email. Television designers have tapped into this market by allowing online services to be accessed through their televisions.

With smart TVs the audience are not limited by what to watch because of what is being broadcasted at the time. They can now access sites like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon to tap into their ever-expanding collection of shows and movies. Because the television is connected to the internet by Wi-Fi or Ethernet, these sites can now stream seamlessly through the television offering the same comfort and ease a DVD would provide.  The huge rise in internet television has give a huge blow to cable companies because they cannot contend with the cheap subscriptions of Netflix, et al.

Smart TVs have also allowed for people to connect with social media on a split screen to whatever they are watching. Comments can be made about the last play, or what outfit so-and-so is wearing. This allows the audience the comfort of never having to leave the couch or interrupt what they are watching to post online. VoIP services, like Skype, are available as an app on the smart tvs so video communication can happen in a big screen format. Crowds can now be brought in to the screen for huge reunions without having to cram around a laptop’s webcam.

There are many other apps that are available for smart TVs. Some are built-in and some can be downloaded. With each smart TV there is a separate menu, like a desktop, where the apps available can be scrolled through and selected by remote. If one has an external keyboard, too, that widens the possibilities of a smart TV. People can surf the web from their couch and take care of all the business, like shopping and finance, while watching the season premiere of their favorite show.

If you are thinking about getting a smart TV, make sure you know what your internet provider is offering you in terms of data. Streaming videos, and surfing the web, to excess can cause slower speeds towards the end of the month so you might want to consider getting an upgrade in terms of service to keep your internet running smoothly and keep you up to date with the latest in television and internet trends.

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