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Complete guide on how to remove facemoods

I wrote an article about how to get rid of Facemoods search before. But it seems people are thirsty to find out how to remove facemoods software completely. Therefore I decided to rewrite and update this article.

People install this software in two ways.

01.Mozila Firfox Addon
02.Facemoods web site

01. Here is how to remove Facemoods if you have installed it as an add-on on Firefox.

Open Firefox and Tools –> Add-ons
firefox tools add ons

Find the “Facemoods” extension and hit on “Uninstall
firefox add ons uninstall facemoods

And restart the Firefox 😀

02. Remove facemoods if you have installed it from their web site.

In this way facemoods installs on your computer extensively. That means it is installsed in all the browsers.

Go to “Control Panel” and open Add or Remove Programs. Find the “Facemoods” application from the list and simply hit on “Remove” button.
add or remove programs uninstalling

Not finish yet. Open your Firefox you can see Facemoods enhanced search and the toolbar is still there. To remove these go to “Tools” and hit on “Add-ons” uninstall the facemoods extension like we did earlier.
firefox add ons uninstall facemoods

Restart the browser. Now you can see facemoods toolbar has disappeared.
Firefox facemoods search

But Facemoods enhanced search is still there. I do not think that you will be happy if some other search engine takes over your browsers. Actually facemoods changes core setting in Firefox. Sounds advanced ahh ? 😀

Type “about:config” (without quotes) and press enter.
firefox aboutconfig

Hit on “I’ll be careful, I promise” button
hit on I'll be careful I promise

Type “facemoods” in the filter bar.

And it will bring you everything relevant to facemoods. Right click on the “browser.startup.homepage” (first one) and hit on “Reset”
right click on browser.startup.homepage reset

Hit on “Reset” on “keyword.URL” as well
right click on keyword url reset

Restart the browser you will see facemoods has disappeared.

With Google chrome

Click on “Customize and control google chorme” and go to “Options”
Google chrome Options

Change home page to and Hit on “Manage”
Google chrome Options manage

Select “Google” and hit on “Make Default”
Google make defult

Select “Facemoods” and hit on “Remove”
Google chrome remove facemoods

With Internet Explorer

Go to “Tools” and hit on “Internet Options”
Internet Explorer Tools Internet options

Hit on “Use Default”
Internet Options hit on Use Defaults

You are done.


(Note: This article was old but I had to do some major changes to this blog. Therefore I loosed all comments for this page.)

right click on my computer

How to Disable Error Report Service in Windows XP

If a program gets stuck, there is a small window which will pop up. This is called a “Windows Error Report”. Sometimes people call it the “Windows don’t send error” Lol ! Because users generally click on the “Don’t Send” button. Sending these reports are vital only if you have an internet connection.

Alright this is how we disable it:

Right click on the “My computer” and go to properties
right click on my computer

Click on “Advanced” tab and click on the “Error Reporting” button
click on error reporting

and put the tick on “Disable error reporting.
tick on disable error report

And that’s the way it is done.

nimztech animation

How to create an animation on the desktop

nimztech animationHave you seen some people have cool animations on their desktop? And you are unable to click on it since the animation has embedded in to their desktop. Didn’t you try to set an animation in to your desktop? All right here we go.

First find a GIF animation image. If you want to create your own GIF animation you can learn it from here

Right click on the desktop and go to properties.

Click on the “Customize Desktop” in the Desktop tab
click on customize desktop

Click on Advanced tab and click on the Error Reporting button

Go to web tab and click on “New” button
click on new button

and then browse your GIF image and open it.
open gif animation

and click on OK twice “Desktop Item” window and “Display Properties”

Ok now you can see your animation is activated on the desktop. Tip your mouse point over it, a border will be appearing. Click on the top of the border and move it where you want it to be.

Click on small arrow and click on “Customize my desktop”
click on the arrow

Finally tick on “Lock desktop items”

All right you are done. You will see that even you are unable to move the animation now. If you want to move or remove it ,untick “Lock desktop items” first. You can go there right clicking on your desktop.

Does Gmail read my emails ?

It was a hectic day at work… designing, e-mails campaigns, recovering lost data grrrrr… so many things to get done and not enough time to do them all. Anyway while I was I traveling home, suddenly I remembered that I had forgotten to send an urgent E-mail to one of my clients. So I was kind of in a hurry to get home and get online.

It was late when I got home. I typed up my email in a rush to my client, it took me some time, as usual since I’m not so good in writing :). Here’s a draft of what I typed:

Then I clicked on the “Send” button to send it and suddenly out popped a small box – with love from Gmail.

You’ve probably seen the box too. Gmail understands you might want to attach some documents or not. If you have not attached the document like you mentioned in the mail Gmail gives you a cute reminder that maybe you had forgotten to attach as you said you have. In my mail to my client, I had mentioned “I have attached”, but in my rush to get the job done, it completely slipped my mind to attach the document.

But the good thing about Gmail is that it is sensitive to some words found in the body area. Keywords such as “see attached” “find attached” “I am attaching” any similar words with “attach”. Then I canceled and attached my document and sent it. Gmail – you rock! Keep up the great work Gmail..

highlight pen

Highlight tool makes your work easy

highlight penThere are so many people who have not installed google toolbar yet. If you also haven’t, I suggest installing it as it is an ideal tool bar which is required to this discussion as well.

Ok let me show you a simple, though great, tool which comes with google toolbar. It’s called “Highlight” tool and it’s bit puzzling as to why people are not versatile with this super tool, though they use google tool bar.

Imagine you search for something in an extensive web page. If web page is jam packed, having great deal of content this is kind of a cumbersome task to go through the whole page to find out what you want.

Sometimes the browser which directs to a web page from the search result doesn’t get you to the exact point of the page that you searched for so this tool helps you like these situations.

First Install google toolbar if you have not installed it yet.

ok .go to your web page and type what you want to find in google search box.
Google search on facemoods

and simply click on the Highlight tool.
highlighting tool

Now you can see this highlight tool highlights what you have typed in google search box.
highlighted facemoods

This is how highlight tool make your work easy.It is simple but it help you a lot

icon on the desktop

Lets create a simple icon on Paint

icon on the desktopEveryone’s heard of Paint, right? It’s a simple software which has basic tools for drawing and editing. But with this simple software we can make simple, yet cool icons?

This is how it’s done…

Open Paint and draw something you like. The dimensions should be 16 x 16, 32 x 32 or 48 x 48, these are standard icon sizes. I prefer 48 x 48 because it has more space in comparing with the other two.

I will draw something simple and you too may draw whatever like and a good one. If you are a creative person and I’m assuming that you know Paint tools.

Here is what I drew.
paint software art

Direct your mouse pointer to the end of the right corner of the document.
drag it up to the left top

Now drag it up to the left top (for the icon size). We can’t create exactly 48 x 48 size because Paint does not have a ruler. So you just have to guess the size of the icon.
paint software art

We are 95% done. Finally go to Save as and save your document like this “my icon.ico” put these two inverted commas and put .ico end of your file name. ICO ? What’s that ? Every file has their own extension type. Likewise this is the icon’s extension. That means you tell it to save as an ICON.
save as my icon.gif

Now you can see how it looks like 🙂
icon on the desktop

pdf creator hit on download

Make Your Reports Look Professional – PDF them

Most people use Microsoft Word and Excel to create reports, invoices, proposals etc but the problem is sometimes the document’s alignment are completely haywire when the document is opened by other people. Your client will definitely be displeased by its appearance. Not very professional, eh?

I suggest, converting them in to PDF. When converted to PDF, alignments remain as in original document – they do not change. This format basically compresses your document and others can not alter its contents. There is a great tool call “pdf24” (which is free), used to convert. Useful also for the designer. Your Photoshop and Illustrator documents also can be converted.The bonus is, it reduces the capacity of your document.

To get this great tool, go to the following website and download PDF24 Creator application
pdf creator hit on download

Run the installation
pdf creator instalation

Once you are done with the installation it will add a printer call “pdf24”
pdf creator pdf printer

Open your document requires conversion.

Press Ctrl + P or hit on print
hit on print

Select pdf24 in print list. Hit on OK
select pdf24 printer

It will give you a cute window. If you want to see how it looks like you can hit on “show pdf” otherwise you can save it directly by hitting on the “save pdf” button.
hit on print

That’s it. It looks more professional doesn’t it ?

youtube download

Easiest way to download your favorite YouTube videos

youtube downloadEveryone watches YouTube videos and some of them download videos through softwares to their hard drives to watch them later (without using the internet) – especially those who do not have internet at home. Today I will show you the easiest way to download them without using a software.

First go to your video page on YouTube and copy the web address (also known as a URL).

copy youtube url

OK now go to this handy web site . Paste your YouTube web address in to URL bar (which has a blue background) and hit the “download” button.

pasting into keepvid url bar

When you hit the “download” button it will ask you to run a java script so you have to install java on your computer, if you have not installed it already.

keepvid hit on download

It will take couple of seconds to run the script

keepvid-loading java

Ok, here is the interesting part. You will see, it gives you several files types. If you want to download high quality video you can download mp4 file type otherwise you can download as a 3gp or flv file type.

keepvid video links

office 2007

How to open Office 2007 files in Office 2003

office 2007Today one my best friends called me. He wanted to download and install Windows Office 2007. And I know his computer is old and slow. So I asked him why he wants to install the latest Office 2007 because He said he is using Microsoft Office 2003 and he just wants to open Office 2007 files. So I told him the solution is to run Windows Microsoft Office 2007 files on Microsoft Windows 2003 without installing 2007.

This is how it’s done.

Go to Microsoft website ( type “Office Compatibility Pack” in the search box and search. Hit on first result

type on search

Now download the pack. It’s free.

office compatibility pack search result and download

Run the installation

office compatibility pack setup

When the installation is complete open a Microsoft Office 2007 file then you will see it opens on Microsoft Office 2003.

creativev domain

How to choose a creative domain

creativev domainEveryday, people pick domains to host websites. Do you wonder if we have creative domains out there? Of course, there are plenty of good and domains out there and available for you. (The really good ones are taken). Some people pay alot of money for a domain if it is under someone else but I suggest you do not pay so much since good domains are available.

I know what it feels like when the domain you are eyeing is taken. If you are creative you can find a creative domain name, if you are not, you do not have to worry about it because there are some handy tools to help you find a good and shorter domain name.

wordoid this is a great place which helps you choose a good domain name.

“The rules when picking the name for a new business are deeply ingrained in common sense. Basically, you must pick a name which has two main characteristics: being short and being catchy. A short name ensures that people will not only remember it effortlessly, but will be also capable of recommending it through word of mouth.” (source –

That says it all, doesn’t it?

With this free tool you can create domain sounds in English, Spanish, French, and German. In the Drop Menu we can select from the following options Sounds Natural, Almost Naturals and Hardly Natural

wordoids languages

And If we want, we can put something in to every search domains too. And then simply hit on “Create” button It will create a whole bunch of domain ideas for you.

wordoids search results

You can see whether it is already taken or not and it tells you how many times each word appears on the web. Cool, isn’t it?

wordoids search result

Finally if you are interested and if you want to buy your domain you can hit on “Register” which is in the right side of every domain. It will direct you to godaddy

wordoids buy domain



Another tip to speed up your computer

speedEveryone wants to speed up their computers. Sometimes even if we have good configurations it takes long time to boot the computer. Actually we can speed up our computer by cleaning the internet cache and the system registry. I have written a review of a free great software and I have shown it how to download it and how to use it here

Today I will give another tip to speed up your computer. When we install software sometimes it adds an programs to the task bar and they are kept standing in the task bar while you work, even though they are not need to run though in the task bar. The bad news is that it takes up computer memory and performance. We can remove the programs from the start up and from the task bar but, make sure that you DO NOT remove critically important programs such as your virus guard.

To do this run “msconfig” (without quotas) in the Run.

Xp run msconfig

Hit on “Start up”

xp system configuration utility

You can see what programs run in the task bar and system start up. Simply untick programs which you want to remove.

unselect programs xp syestem cofiguration utility

Save your changes and it requires a system restart to effect the changes.

restart computer xp syestem cofiguration utility

You are done 🙂