How to decrease file size of bulk of photos within couple of seconds

Maybe you took your friends pictures from your camera and you want to email them to him. But total files size is around 100Mb. If you send them as it is it will take long time and maybe it won’t deliver to him. You can upload them to somewhere and you can send him the download link but if he doesn’t need high quality pictures that is useless. Because it takes long time to download.

What is the easy way to send them if he doesn’t need high quality photos?

It is a good idea if you can decrease each file’s size. Then you can email them easily. Light Image resizer is a great freeware tool which we can use to decrease the file size of bulk of photos at once.

Note : Don’t install the second software, it’s a headache for your all browsers.

How to use Light Image resizer tool ?

Open the software and click on “files”


Browse images and open them.

light image resizer browsing pictures

Choose the best option from drop down menu. For this I choose “Email (724 x 768)”


Right then click on “Process”. Then it will start proceed your request.


Finally it will create a zip file.


Gmail allows you to chat with your AIM buddies directly now

Earlier you should have an AIM account to chat with your AIM friends in Gmail chat. Therefore if you do not sign in to AIM from Gmail you can not chat with your AIM friends. Now you do not want an AIM account. You can directly chat with them.

How to chat with AIM friends in Gmail chat?

Simply type their AIM screen name in chat “search, add or invite” filed. Then choose “invite to chat” from the popup menu.


Once your AIM friend accepted your invitation you can chat with him/her in Gmail chat.


How to cut mp3s without a software

When we do not have a proper software and when we work on a computer as a guest, is a great free tool which we can cut mp3 online. It is especially useful because we do not want to install anything. We just need to visit the website and upload the mp3.

What is cool about this tool ?

  • Totally free
  • No need to register
  • Super fast
  • Simple procedure

How to use this tool?

Simply click on upload Mp3 button and browse your mp3.


Drag the bar to where you want to start cutting your mp3 and hit on ” Split and Download” button.


Now you can download your customized mp3.


StatCounter’s new look

When it comes to website tracking, is in a reliable position.
They have changed its user interface with a pleasant look now.  Actually, it looks much better than what it was.  Strange thing is that they haven’t changed the home page. Therefore, you cannot see this improvement without logging in as a user.  With this revamp, they have also improved graphics and changed the logo as well.

Old Look



New Look




Has my Facebook account been hacked?


OMG ! Is your Facebook account hacked ? Has someone stolen your Facebook password? Has Facebook banned your Facebook account? Do not worry because your guesses are wrong.

“Your account is currently unavailable due to a site issue. We expect this to be resolved shortly. Please try again in a few minutes.”

What this really means?

It says “due to a site issue” right? Therefore you have nothing to worry because it is Facebook’s issue. Maybe they are doing website maintenance or they are having a bandwidth issue due to huge traffic. It is reasonable because Facebook is the leading social network in the world. So Facebook has massive traffic.

How to solve this issue?

Your Facebook account will be up within couple of minutes. If you keep getting the same message after one hour try to login to your Facebook account from a different computer. If you are able to login, clear your computer’s cookies and cache and try to login. Then you will be fine.

How to clean your internet cookies and cache ?


How to activate Gmail Desktop notifications

While we browse the internet we normally open several tabs in the browser. If we have minimized the browser we cannot see when new emails are coming until we restore the browser. With this “Gmail Desktop notification” you are able to recieve notifications from the right side of the task bar suddenly when a new email or chat message arrives.

Unfortunately “Gmail Desktop notifications” currently only works with Google Chrome.


It will be available for all major browsers in the future I presume.

How to activate the Gmail Desktop notifications ?

Login to your Gmail and go to mail settings. Look for “Desktop Notifications”. Simply switch on “New mail notifications on – Notify me when any new message arrives in my inbox” by clicking the tick button on.


Thats it. Now you can see Gmail Desktop notifications when an email or a chat message arrives to you.



Microsoft acquired Skype


Do you know Skype has 170 million connected users and over 207 billion minutes of voice and video conversations in 2010 ? Maybe it is not a surprise for you because everyone knows that Skype is the leading company which breaks down barriers to communication.

10th of May Microsoft and Skype have entered in to an agreement. Microsoft acquired Skype for $8.5 billion US.

Because of this excellent combination real time videos and voice communicating definitely will improve. Skype will support for Microsoft devices such as Windows Phones, Xbox, Kinect etc. Also Skype will become a new business division for Microsoft and owner of Skype Tony Bates will assume head of Microsoft Skype division.

google search engine

Google’s cool advance search

google search engine

Google gives you the best thing always. Today they have added a new feature to the search engine. Because of this it is easy to search on the web. Like you know, Google search engine is in then middle of the page and when you type something in the search box it suddenly goes to the top of the page. While giving you search result for what have you typed. The cool thing is the search engine does not wait until you finish typing the phrase and hitting enter.

Facebook is trying to attract more traffic.

Good traffic makes web site owners happy. I know that it’s not something new to you. If you have a good stream of traffic to your website, there are much more possibilities to earn money from it.Couple of months back, I heard that Facebook had massive traffic more than google did in United States. Do you think that Facebook will stop getting more traffic because they already have it hugely? No. Every website draws on more and more techniques to catch more traffic.

You can see Facebook is trying to attract more traffic by setting facebook as the homepage in browsers.


How to customize your bookmark toolbar in Mozilla Firefox

When you installed Mozilla Firefox you can see there are default links in the bookmark toolbar. Truth is majority of people do not use them at all.


Some people do not even notice there are links which we do not use. What we can do is we can simply put our most visiting website links there.
Personally I love to put fav icons instead putting name of the websites because fav icons look good in the toolbar and they do not take much space.
How to put websites’ fav icons as bookmark in bookmark tool bar?
First delete all default bookmarks from the bookmark toolbar by right clicking on them and click delete.


Visit the website which you want to add to bookmark toolbar. Then drag and drop the website’ fav icon in to bookmark toolbar.


Full name of the website will be there. You can remove the name right clicking on it and go to properties.


You can put your all most visiting websites’ fav icons in bookmark toolbar.


Sri Lankans are setting up a new email service

This email service is called inbox. this is how email looks like if you get registered with this Sri Lankan email service. This email service does not offer you any Gigabyte capacity like Gmail. This email service offers you 30 Mb capacity only.

You can reserve your preferred email address right now. What I do not like is they do not activate your email address after your registration. They take sometimes to approve and activate your email address because of spammers I guess. Anyways it’s good job Sri Lankans.

Reserve your preferred name


How to fix “firefox.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.” error?


This is kind of an annoying error message comes from Mozilla Firefox when you start Mozilla Firefox or when you browse the internet for a while.

How to fix “firefox.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.” error?

Most of the time this error comes due to newly add-on installation which is not installed from Mozilla Firefox add-ons and also due to not updating Firefox properly.  If you just install a new software which installs a new add-on to Mozilla Firefox.

Go to Tools and Add-ons on Mozilla Firefox.

Disable the new add-on which is installed by new software installation.

Restart the Mozilla Firefox and check you still get the same error.

If still the error comes go to Control Panel –> Add or Remove Programs uninstall Mozilla Firefox.

Download newest Mozilla Firefox and Install.

Open Mozilla Firefox. Error will not appear again.


Get a notification if anyone logged in to your facebook account from somewhere

Facebook team work very hard to develop the Facebook everyday. Especially they are very particular about users’ privacy and security. Few days ago they introduced Social Authentication instead of using usual CAPCHA’s. Now they have developed another great feature to protect your facebook account.

This shows you from where you have logged in to Facebook recently. This is actually a tracking system. You can always get a notification to your email or to your mobile (as a text message) whenever a computer or a mobile device is logged in to your Facebook account. If you track down any suspicious activity you can immediately disconnect the suspicious activity by clicking on End activity and then you can go for a password change.



It is a good thing to have your Facebook profile backup

Having a backup of anything is sensible. If you a web designer, a writer whoever you are what ever you do it is good to get a backup of your work. Anyway what about your social network profiles? Can you get a backup of your profiles? Yes you can. Facebook gives you an option to get a backup. I wonder why people do not make use of it even if they have been provided with backup option download. I never think Facebook will be down in the future. But HOPE FOR THE BEST PLAN FOR THE WORST. Logging to your Facebook account and get your backup right now.

How to get a Facebook backup ?

First go to Account and Account settings. Hit on “learn more” which is next to Download Your Information.


Verify your password


You are going to have a security check. Hit on Start and next step is something really new. This is called Social Authentication which is introduced newly by Facebook team. Do the test by identifying your friends in the photos.


Then Hit on Download button. You can see what is your file size of your backup file (download file). When your download file is ready you will receive an email saying your download file is ready.



A good way to use proxy on Mozila Firefox

Sometimes we have to bypass servers to visit blocked websites. As an example some countries block social websites. Therefore we can not visit them from original ip address in this case we have to bypass the server which identifies where we come from. Proxy servers help in these situations big time. But practically if go through proxy url websites to visit a blocked website sometimes it does not load some features on the website (if it has flash streaming videos it keeps telling you to install flash player even you have installed it) In this case Foxy proxy which is coming as an add- on on Mozilla Firefox is a great solution for visiting blocked websites in your country. In my opinion when I visit a blocked website Foxyproxy is more stable and handy rather than going through a simple proxy server website. Also I have found out its easy to use and this is a good option if you want to surf anonymously too.

How to use Foxyproxy ?

Open Mozilla Firefox and go to Tools –> add-ons. Hit on Get Add-on and search Foxyproxy.

As you can see first result is Foxyproxy Standard and second result is Foxyproxy Basic. Foxyproxy Standard has advanced features. But Foxyproxy Basic is fine for us.

Therefore hit on “add to Firefox”


Hit on Install Now


Restart Mozilla Firefox. search for “proxy list” on Google and Pick a free proxy. Open Mozilla Firefox and go to Tools and You will see Foxyproxy Basic is installed. Then hit Options.


Hit on Add New Proxy


copy and paste your free proxy there and hit Ok.

foxyproxy settings

You can see you have added a new proxy. Alright installation is done.

When you want to use the proxy go to tools and Foxyproxy Basic! then hit the proxy you newly added.When Foxyproxy is running you can see there is a fox’s face rotating right bottom corner of the status bar and in Firefox Tools.

You can stop using Foxyproxy by right clicking on the Foxyproxy and hit on completely stop Foxyproxy. (you can do stop it from Firefox Tools too)