Nikon Coolpix s800 Android Based Camera is a Smart Way to Take Pictures

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To some people the days of carrying around a camera to record memories is a thing of the past.  The old fashioned film cameras have been replaced with digital cameras.  The ability of digital cameras to take both video and still pictures has limited the need for the bulky old video cameras that used to be seen at every little league baseball game.  Digital point and shoot cameras completely changed the way that people took pictures and recorded events, but they are being rapidly replaced as well.  People are now using the cameras that are built into their phones instead of carrying around a digital camera with them.  There is a new camera on the horizon that might convince people that there is a better option than their phone.  The Nikon Coolpix s800 Android powered phone is going to convince people that there is a new and better option.

What Does it Do

The first thing you need to learn about this camera is what makes it better to use.  The phone includes built-in Wi-Fi and GPS systems.  This will allow the camera to connect to the internet.  The camera will have full access to the Google Play store and all of the apps that are available there.  With those capabilities and with the 25-250 mm lens and OLED display people can not only take great pictures, they can share them on social networks or through email directly from the phone.  That is one of the advantages that phones with cameras are offering and now there is a camera that can do the same thing.  The GPS allows you to mark the pictures with the time, date and place that the picture was taken.

Why is it Needed

If the phones can already take pictures and you can share them with others, why do you need this camera?   Phones with cameras are primarily phones.  The camera is an additional thing that is added to the phone.  While the quality of the pictures that are taken on the phone might be acceptable, it is not as good as a device that is primarily a camera.  The ability to access the apps from Google also mean that you can find apps to edit your pictures before you share them with anyone.  This is not always possible on a phone that has a camera.  For some people a phone with a camera will meet all of their needs.  For the people who do not want to be limited, the Coolpix from Nikon might be the answer that they are looking for.

Cameras today are in limbo.  Professional photographers are still going to need cameras that take the highest quality pictures, but the average person just needs something that is handy that can capture the images that they want.  By making a smart camera, a Nikon is coming up with a way to engage people in the art of photography again.  It will not only record the images that you want, it will allow you to turn it into art that you can share with others.

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wordpress and blogger

4 Essential gadgets for Bloggers

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wordpress and blogger

Bloggers make use of gadgets to complete their work easily and quickly. They need specific devices that can aid in their blogging activities, more so because most professionals in this niche manage several blogs at once.

If a blog has to attract traffic, it requires interesting, useful and valuable content; it also needs to stay active and updated at all times. And a blogger ought to get hold of tools that help him achieve this end.

There are umpteen gadgets and widgets in the market to support blogger’s jobs. The wise blogger would choose those that best fit his requirements.

Here is a look at 4 of essential gadgets that could take place of pride in a blogger’s kitty:

Laptops or Netbooks

A blogger will need to type out content, edit it, embellish it and finally upload it on to a blog. He is also likely to want to check his blogs often and stay up-to-date. A blog professional might wish to look into the blog comments and answer or tackle them as required or want to check his mails regularly, where blog alerts can reach him. For coping with all the above activities, it would be a great idea to procure a trusted laptop or a Netbook and have it handy at all times. A light weight one could be a more sensible choice because it is more comfortable to lug around.


Today’s smartphones can safely be referred to as mini computers. Pretty much everything that can be accomplished using computers and much more in fact, is possible using a palm sized iPhone or Android phone or similar smartphones. These phones can become impressive blogging tools, especially with all the available blogging apps which can be downloaded to augment their native capabilities and features.

Blogging professionals who need to stay tuned to their blogs 24/7 find smartphone mobiles a veritable boon as it affords them the power to track their blog activity on the go. Bloggers who are comfortable doing long hours of editing with the comparatively smaller screens and keyboards of their smartphones are known to even substitute them in place of laptops! Naturally smartphone devices are considered a must-have in most bloggers’ gadget boxes.

External hard drive

People might wonder why a hard drive should feature in a blogger’s gadget list. The answer is simple. Blogging specialists, particularly those who juggle several blogs under a variety of topics and categories, are apt to be dealing with loads of information. To store information, memory space is required and an easily portable, external hard drive would fit this requirement to a nicety.

Digital Camera

A picture speaks a thousand words and any blogger worth his salt would sooner or later want to have photos on his blogs to lend substance to his thoughts and ideas. A professional digital camera is a gadget that can give wings to his imagination.

About the Author: Lucille J Cronk is a blogger who is enthusiastic about mobile technology and other cell phone technologies. She has her own blog on Cell phone spy.

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Post excerpts on home page with Twentyten theme


I’m a big fan of WordPress Twentyten theme. Because of it’s classiness. But by default It shows all full posts on home page, search page, category pages etc. Because of that users have to wait little longer till page loads. Other thing is you can not show many posts when they show full posts (It take long space). That is why it is always better if you can show only post excerpts in home page and other pages. Then you can show many posts too.

You can do this easily.

Go to Appearance —> Editor then find loop.php

Replace this code

<?php if ( is_archive() || is_search() ) : // Only display excerpts for archives and search. ?>

With this code.

<?php if ( is_archive() || is_search() || is_home() || is_front_page() ) : // Only display excerpts for archives and search. ?>

You are done. Now check your home page and other pages. Users don’t have to wait till all posts load on home page and other pages.

Note : If you are new to coding or if you are new to wordpress I strongly recommend you to backup loop.php before you edit it.


Accessibility Impact Of 4G On Mobile Phones

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The beginning of 4G phones results a momentous progression for the Smartphone humanity, but how that fits into the business world isn’t that understandable thus far. With 4G wireless services, there is additional extensively obtainable than ever before, as all four countrywide transporters such as Sprint, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile and AT&T.

The primary movement involves the developments in technology at every new generation of cell phone equipment. Each new generation adds a little new to the preceding generation, while also making all phones in dissimilar generations mismatched. While 2G phones allowed digital transmission compared with 1G’s analogue, 3G technology authorized Internet entrée and multimedia. That has been tracked over the past year by 4G technology, which significantly improves transmission speeds of information. For the most part, phones are still comparatively deliberate evaluated with computers, but the chief cause for the distinction in performance is the trade-off of battery life against speed. No one wants to accuse his Smartphone all two hours.

The mobile carriers built 4G networks and coverage to be grateful for the mobile phone. If you like to surf the Web and particularly stream a video, 4G can be a paradise. If you attach a laptop to your mobile, 4G makes a gigantic difference. In general, anything connecting linking large amounts of data gets a big enhancement from 4G. Watch out for the data limits on your facility plan. It is straightforward to use up a lot of data very rapidly with 4G. If you have a 3G phone and you’ve been aggravated with clogged-up networks, 4G may be the answer. You’ll be switching to a dissimilar, less troublesome network for your Internet data. It is a future-proof classification and only going to get improved to your phone if you have the 4G coverage.

The augmented acceleration available via 4G means that access to the laptop via a mobile broadband device could be quicker than a permanent high speed internet line and could put back the must for consumers to pledge to both services. On the other hand even as mobile internet access on phones is rationally priced, the present pricing of mobile broadband plans and devices is holding back the development of this technology. United States is one of the first countries to begin rolling out a 4G network uptake of mobile broadband plans. It is a lot slower than many other countries as the pricing is too far above the ground.

Nothing like other technological progress that have come along, which have a propensity to drive up costs, 4G might in fact have the conflicting result, primary to reduced rates and overcrowding while improving the means. Extremely not often does something come along and offer up a situation where everyone wins, but if you’re looking at long term benefits such as improved excellence, higher capacity, and boosted presentation, 4G technologies on mobile phones are winners elsewhere of us all.

About the Author: Chloe Wade is a writer of various critiques primarily about 4G technologies running around the globe. Observe more posts of hers by analyzing her articles at Broadband Expert.


Do Intel’s Upcoming Android Phones Stand a Chance ?

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Intel, the world’s largest chip manufacturer, is all set to lock horns with ARM, the world’s largest manufacturer of power-efficient chips. In what many would call as an extremely fierce neck-to-neck battle, there is apparently going to be only one winner, and one would have to wait patiently to behold that. But the million-dollar question however is: Will this audacious venture by Intel, actually payoff?

Intel has code-named its chip for smartphones as Medfield. It will be based on Intel’s very own PC architecture. Intel claims that the chips that they are developing now will be highly power-efficient and is expected to deliver sublime performances on its future line of devices. Initially, Intel had been working with Nokia for the shipment of Nokia handsets that are powered by Intel’s chips. But since Nokia is striking a deal with ARM for some of its Windows 7-based handsets, Intel has to consider its options.

Consequently, Intel partnered with Google for the launching of its first mobile chip. It is important to note that both giant companies have announced a multi-year, multi-device partnership – a great strategy to survive and thrive in today’s tech industry, where competition is at its highest. Apparently, the first device to come accompanied with an Intel processor is a Motorola handset.

This comes as no surprise considering the fact that Google bought Motorola for $12 billion last year. Since it took over, Google has been striving really hard to improvise Motorola devices. The said Motorola handset, according to speculations, will be running Android 4.0 a.k.a. Ice Cream Sandwich and will feature a single core 1.6 GHz Intel Medfield processor. Motorola is also eager to integrate Intel’s Atom Z2460 1.6 GHz processor chip in the future. Does that ring a bell?

That being said, Intel definitely doesn’t want to endure a unified approach by affiliating only with Motorola. It would be striving to strike profitable deals with other leading smartphone manufacturers as well. For Intel to gain an upper-hand, it desperately needs to outwit ARM by developing more powerful and energy-efficient chips. Intel thereby, will have to work hard to develop top-notch chips – chips that will compel OEMs to shift from ARM to Intel.

Ironically, in the past, Intel has chronically failed in delivering chips that are equally powerful and energy-efficient. With ARM standing firm on its ground, some preeminent innovation will be duly required from Intel in order to shift the paradigm. Intel however is in talks with the leading manufacturers and is quite optimistic about integrating its chip into a number of mobile handsets worldwide.

To be realistic enough, one would have to actually wait to review the performance of an Intel-powered device before coming to any concrete conclusion. After all, there is no canny reason, why the world’s largest chip manufacturer that is Intel, will be underestimated, since we all know how diligent and supernatural our notebook processors are and this might well be the first step in expediting our smartphone performance as well.

About the author: Mark Lindstrom is a technology enthusiast that likes trying out the latest gadgets by using hp coupons, and other discounts through top selling merchants.

saving pictures from download fb album

How to download your facebook friends’ picture albums

I showed you how to get your Facebook profile backup before. This tutorial will illustrate how to download your friends’ picture albums. I hope you won’t be using this with the intention of manipulation.(Its not ethical to use our knowledge to satisfy absurd purposes which are harmful to others.)

Go to Chrome Web Store (Don’t worry this is free) and search “Download FB album”

Then Click on “Add To Chrome” button. Right ! Installation is done already.

download fb album add to chrome

Go to your friends’ album and check there is an icon on the left corner of the URL bar.

download fb album icon

Click the icon and wait till it grabs all pictures in a new web page nicely. Then press “Ctrl+s” save the web page and save it.

saving pictures from download fb album

Now all album pictures are in the folder.

That’s it.


Google chrome keyboard shortcuts provide an easy and effective way to improve productivity

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Now days, Internet is accessed by every individual who uses a computer. Internet research companies have created applications known as “browsers” for accessing different websites at a glance. One can also search required content on the internet with the help of these browsers.

Anyone who uses internet is quite familiar with the term “Google”. It is the most accessed search engine worldwide. Google created a browser for accessing websites through a single gateway and titled it with “Chrome”. Google Chrome was released publicly in November 2008 and has been holding the second highest market share in the segment due to facilities like faster browsing, webpage suggestions and a host of other features.

Google has made the most uncomplicated browser till date but many users face the dilemma of operating Google Chrome efficiently. To address this problem Google has developed this browser with a number of shortcuts for a faster browsing experience. Many people are not aware of these Google Chrome keyboard shortcuts so they end up spending a lot of time for searching simple applications.

Though memorizing all the shortcuts wouldn’t be easy for everyone, a handful of useful shortcuts may go a long way in providing you with a faster and rich browsing experience.

Let us start with the most basic shortcuts which we may use anytime.

1) Ctrl+Shift+b = It shows or hides the bookmarks menu.

2) Ctrl+t = Opens up a new tab on the browser for viewing multiple websites simultaneously.

3) Ctrl+Shift+t = Opens up the exact link of last tab you closed.

4) Ctrl+w = Closes the current tab that you are viewing

5) Ctrl+n = Opens a new window of Google Chrome

Now, I would like to share with you some exciting shortcuts for using Google Chrome.

a) Dragging a link up to the tab area automatically opens that link inside a new tab.

b) Shift+Esc = opens the task manager for Google Chrome

c) Ctrl+h = To access the history of Chrome

d) Ctrl+j = To access the downloads menu

e) Ctrl+back arrow on Chrome= To open previously closed tabs without losing the current tab

f) Ctrl+clicking a link = Opens the clicked link in a new tab

g) Ctrl+(1 to9)= For switching between the currently open tabs

h) Ctrl+l = To access and highlight the URL bar

i) Ctrl +Enter after typing the name of a website= This opens the website with a .com extension

j) Ctrl+shift+del= To quickly delete the history

k) Ctrl+F4 = To close the Chrome browser

I have tried to accumulate the most popular shortcuts of Google Chrome here. I think they would aid in faster problem solving and making your browsing periods a fast and pleasurable experience. Keep using Google Chrome for smarter browsing and use the above Google Chrome keyboard shortcuts to get your work done at brisk pace. Enjoy browsing and keep practicing the above shortcuts to get acquainted with Google Chrome better.

About the author: Alia Haley is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology and luxury. Beside this she is fond of gadgets.


Complete guide on how to Use Gmail multiple sign in

I have got several Gmail address. One is for personal use and others are for business purposes. Signing in to an email address is not a problem but when you have several address it is a headache. Because we have to sign out and sign in from each email address to check them. You will say that you can use several browsers to sign in to a different Gmail address. But know it also is a mess when you have several browsers open in your screen.

Google knows that we have several Gmail addresses. They always understand our specific needs and cater accordingly. So as a solution to the aforesaid matter they introduced “Gmail multiple sign in”.

With this Google Multiple Sign-in you can easily shift in to the other Gmail address from the same browser. You can open multiple tabs for each Gmail account.

That’s the beauty of this great feature. But if you are a simple user, I think this is not for you because it is little bit complicated when you work with several Gmail accounts at once. That’s why Google recommends this feature for advanced users.

Activating Gmail multiple sign in is simple. Go to “Account Settings”


Click on “Edit”


Select “On – Use multiple Google Accounts in the same web browser” and checked other three option under it. Then hit on “Save”


You are almost done. Sign out from all Google accounts to take effect. Sign- in back to your account again. Click on “Switch account”

google switch account

Click on “Sign in to another account” Then Google lets you to sign in to another account.


After you signed in to another account click on “Switch account”

switch accout in other account

Then you can simply switch account by click on the email address.


Happy Gmail multiple sign in. Also if you have not setup Gmail 2 Step Verification I strongly recommend you to do it.


Switch to Gmail NEW look


I’m huge fan of Google products. Three days ago I told you “last day of Google Buzz’s life“. Yes this article is also about the same. Do you remember that Google changed their sign in page. Now they have changed the Gmail as well. Actually this is a vast change. You will be automatically switched on to the new look soon. But if you can’t wait like me, you can get switched to the new look today itself.

To switch to the new look 

log in to Gmail and you can see a small box standing in the bottom right of the page. Click the “Switch to the new look”


Then you will get a cute window. Click on “Switch to the new look” again.


I love these three upgrades.

Clean Simple Out Look

Yes It is very handy and clean. And I love its simplicity as Google is always good in giving more simplicity. They have replaced the tool bar. And your most familiar features stand in front you now. Just give you what you want.

Other thing is you can easily access your Gmail settings clicking gear icon.


Great looking THEMES


They have put high resolution awesome background images and new background colors. All new themes are high definition themes. They fit on large display screens very nicely.Just like a high quality graphic design.

Awesome Search    


You can see Gmail search has truly improved. Of course it is advanced but very friendly. You can find exactly what you are looking for. You can filter your search by “From, Subject, Has the words, doesn’t have, Has attachment, Date within.

Wow No more plenty of search results.


What a great blog about google utorrent search engines site. You must take a look at this site.

What a great blog about google utorrent search engines site. You must take a look at this site.


Last days of Google Buzzs Life


Imagine someone who helped you is going to disappear. Retiring a good friend is not a good thing too right ? Is it ? Everyone knows Google Buzz. I’m pretty sure you have heard about it and you are still using it. Google Buzz is standing under the “Inbox” link in your Gmail.

Google Buzz helps you share interesting post, web pages and basically online content. Imagine you found something interesting and you need to show it to your friends. The next step of yours will be to send it via email? Won’t it? But, with Google Buzz we can easily share online stuff with your friends and they can even comment on it. I remember Google introduced Google Buzz back in February 2010.

Now Google is going to put a full stop to Google Buzz and going to get retired in few weeks. I think the reason is Google +1. Because you can share online content with your google +1 profile.

What about current posts?

As you know Google never let you down. Google gives you two ways to keep current posts on Google Buzz.

1. Your current Google Buzz remaining on your Google +1 profile

2. You can download Google Buzz content by using Google Takeout .

To download your Google Buzz data you can view this tutorial


How to download your Google product Data


As you know Google offers you plenty of things. Yes Google has a right way if you want to download or export your Google product data. It is called Google Takeout. Personally I love its name as its simple and meaningful. You can download your Gmail contacts, Google Buzz posts, Picasa Web photos, Profile data etc in couple clicks. Actually this is good as a backup too since you can import your data if something goes wrong with your Google products data. As an example imagine someone hacked your Picasa web photos and deleted all your pictures.

To download Google product data go to and click on “Create Achieve” button.



It will create a zip file for you. Then you can simply download it.




Note : With Google Takeout you can especially download Google Buzz data as Google is going to retire Google Buzz in few weeks.


How to increase WiFi signals with a beer-can


Have you ever thought that an empty beer-can can increase your Wi-Fi signals? Believe me when I heard it first time I got freaked out too. Actually it’s pretty true. I have done it and it resulted well. It gave me two more WiFi bars.

This can be applied to the WiFi connection at your home. Lot of people uses only one router at home to use Wi-Fi. Therefore WiFi signal strength could be little weak.

Please don’t practice this as soon as you finish ur can of beer. Do it next day. Otherwise you will be injured, when you cut the beer-can.

All right this is how we do it.

Get your empty beer-can and clean it with water. Keep it for some time to get dry.

Get a knife and cut off the bottom part of the beer-can.

Then cut top of the can but do not separate it. Keep a small section close to the opening of the beer can.

Then on the body of the can, cut along a straight line up as it can get spread as a sheet. Alright we are almost done.

Now spread the cut part of the beer cans.

All right. Slot in the beer-can hole in to your Wi-Fi antenna. Check your WiFi signals. They should be increased now.

For more details please check the video.


How to get Facebook notifications to your email again

Imagine you have 500 friends on your Facebook profile and you are an active Facebook journalist. You comment on other’s status, Other’s pictures and your friends comment on your status, photos. You receive bunch of Facebook notifications to your email. Maybe you receive 10 notification emails from Facebook everyday. Yes it is kind of irritating.

Therefore Facebook stopped sending notifications to your email. They have taken this decision after a research I presume. But some people need Facebook to send notifications to their emails just like it was.

Yes you can get notifications to you email with few clicks.

Go to “Account Settings”


Then Click on “Notifications” from top left side of the page.


Now untick “Send me important updates and summary emails instead of individual notification emails”


If you want to stop sending Facebook notifications you can repeat the same procedure.

new google maps with webgl

Did you experience new Google Maps with 3D ?

new google maps with webgl

This is an incredible feature brought by Google Maps. If you have used Google Maps before you would remember how it was. It didn’t have that much nice looking 3D maps. It tried to give you much 3D look but failed.Now Google Maps comes with WebGL (Web-based Graphics Library).

What is WebGL (Web-based Graphics Library)  ?

WebGL is a new web technology which brings 3D graphics to your browser. Sounds great ahh ? The best part is you don’t need to install any new software or single plugin to your computer.

Can anyone use Google 3D Maps ?

Like I said this is a new web technology. Therefore you need to have updated browser.

Chrome version 14 + or Firefox 8+ are support for Google 3D maps. And your operating systems should be Mac OS Snow Leopard 10.6+, Lion 10.7+, Windows Vista or 7 or Linux. Other thing is your drivers. Your drivers should be published later than January 1, 2009.

To get started visit and you will see “Want to try something new” in the bottom left side of the page.

want to try somethng new


How to setup Google 2-Step Verification ?


You know how important your Google user name and password are, if you use specially Google Adsense. There are lot of applications which can be run via your Google account. I don’t think that you want to let someone hack your Google account. I seriously don’t even want to think about it. Yes it is scary.

Google introduced a fantastic option to protect your Google account from hackers sometime back. But majority still don’t use it and some have not even heard about it. This is called 2-Step Verification. Actually this works with your phone as well. This is a great idea as  hackers can guess your password but they can not have access to your phone.

How does Google 2-Step Verification work ? 

It is really simple. If someone tries to sign-in to your Google account, Google asks you a verification code which is simultaneously sent to your phone. Then hackers have no luck in signing  in to your Google account even  though they are brilliant in guessing  your password as they can not have access to your phone.

When you go through the setup you can choose another phone number as backup. You can set your home number there. They apparently  give you 10 more backup verification codes.

How to setup Google 2-Step verification ?

Go to your Account settings.


Click on “Using 2-step verification” and go through the setup process.


That it. You just added another security layer to your Google account.

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