BlackBerry – Smartphones have become the Indispensable Need of Businesspersons

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You must have noticed that these days the trend of buying Blackberry Smartphones have been increased among the business professionals. There are many reasons, which are associated with the more number of purchases of Blackberry smartphones by the professionals. The major reasons are as follows:

Efficient Interaction

To interact with the prospects on immediate basis is the key to a successful business. Blackberry handset offers the facility of automatic pull email services for updates along with efficient push services to send information to the potential customer. This pull and push service of Blackberry supports its users to interact with their clients without wasting a single minutes, which is quite a convenience for both buyer and seller.

Professional Looks

Another major reason based on which every professional wants to buy this smart gadget is its professional look with QWERTY keyboard. The best part is that now different Blackberry cases are also available in the market, which can be considered the best not only to protect the gadget from being damaged but also to enhance its looks in a way that is required in the professional world.

Business Supportive Apps

The third and most important reason to buy this smart gadget is the availability of various business supportive apps, which assist the users in conducting their distinct business operations. Some of the apps, which have become the indispensable need of the professionals of the current age, are as follows:

  • Evernote

To take notes while attending meetings and presentation is the most common thing in the professional world. Thus, the need for having an efficient note-taking app was obvious and now this amazing app is available for Blackberry users with the name of Evernote.

It is an easy to use app, in which you can record notes. This app has its voice supportive feature using which you can also record voice clips for your notes. The best feature of this amazing app is its synchronizing capability with PC and other electronic devices to retrieve data with ease.

  •  Documents to Go Premium 2.0

If you are a professional, who is involved in extensive presentations with clients and management then it is the best app for you. This app is available for just $15, and is compatible with MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for efficient conversion of one file into another, which is truly a time saving feature.

  • Tungle. me

It is a free app available for Blackberry users. The basic purpose to get this app is to customize the calendar by fixing important appointments for meetings, presentations, seminars, and much more in advance. Thus, you can say that this is the right app for you to give your reminder on the fixed date so that you may not forget any important event.

  • IM+

IM+ is all-in-one messenger using which you can integrate your all contacts for just $39.99. Using this amazing app, you can communicate to all your business clients simultaneously irrespective of the fact which messenger they are using.

  • Super power

We all know that battery life of all the smartphones can create trouble especially if you are a busy professional. To avoid this hassle, buy Superpower app just for $1 in order to extend the batter life of your gadget with ease. This is the best way to allow you more phone usage for the successful operations of the business.

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Top 3 Tablet Devices for Small Businesses

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These three tablet devices are the best for use in the modern-day business environment. All sport a front and rear facing camera and have excellent specs to run a variety of apps.

Samsung Galaxy Note II

This new phablet (Phone Tablet) is a great tool for a business. It can be used to make and receive calls, but also has a large screen that can be access with the new Samsung stylus pen. This is a smaller tablet, but the screen is big enough to write notes, read email, create charts, and access PDF files. The resolution of the phone is only 720 by 1280, but the super AMOLED screen makes every image clear. The Note II has 2 GB of RAM with up to 64 GB of on board storage. The Micro SD card reader can hold up to 64 GB cards. The device comes with Android 4.1 preinstalled, connecting to the numerous business oriented and productivity apps in the Google Play store. The downside to this phablet is the size; it may be a little small for many businesspeople. However, the size also makes the device ultra-portable.

Asus Transformer Infinity

Since the launch of the Transformer line of tablets in 2011, these devices have shown to be top of the industry in design and execution. The Transformer Infinity is the latest entry and comes with a 1.0 inch 1920 by 1200 screen, 1 GB of ram, a Tegra 3 processor, and is available in with 32 or 65 GB of on device memory. This tablet is perfect for using the wide area of business oriented production apps available in the Google Play store. The screen is well-lit and sensitive to touch, with the high quality that ASUS puts in to all their products. The Transformer series becomes highly recommended when connected to the Keyboard dock, turning the 10-inch tablet in to a small laptop. There is over 14 hours of battery life, so this device can last for a full day with no charge. The tablet has a HDMI port for outputting to a screen as well headphone jack, b/g/n wifi card, and a Micro SD reader. The keyboard dock adds a full-sized SD reader and another USB 2.0 port. It is the perfect full sized tablet for a businessperson on the go.

Ipad Mini

This smaller Ipad cousin is a lightweight alternative to larger models. The 7.9-inch screen sports a 1024 by 768 resolutions, which is big enough to show bright and beautiful graphics. The device comes in a wifi only or cellular model, with access to the AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint networks. The models come with either 16 to 64 GB of storage on the system. The chip is a dual core chip with a dual core graphics processor, offering the same level of quality as an Ipad 2. The best thing about the Ipad mini is the size: it is small enough to carry around but big enough to do work on. The Ipad is part of the Apple family, so there are many productivity and business oriented apps available in the ITunes store. The biggest downside of the Ipad mini is the storage. There is no expansion slot for Micro SD cards. However, this is a good device for the memory conscious businessperson.

Author Bio : Jarin Mariea loves to contribute frequently on POS system such as CheckWay Systems. Who has been in the retail point of sale business for the past 20 years.


Top Three New Apps for an Organized College Life

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How many well organized college students do you know? Probably not too many. Luckily for us disorganized students, technology is here to help. The rise of iPhones and iPads has opened up a tremendous resource for any person struggling to keep themselves in order, but students are in the best spot to capitalize on it.

After all, most students own some type of Apple product, and good organization can make a much bigger difference in a student’s life. With that said, here are three new apps that scatterbrained college learners should give a shot.

1. Evernote 5

Evernote is a fantastic note taking app that is a real step above handwriting notes in a spiral notebook. The interface is clean and well designed, making the app a blast to use even on the small screen of an iPhone 4.

Evernote 5 keeps your notes well organized, and one of the best parts is that they’re saved on iCloud which means you can take notes on one device and read them on another. You can also tag your notes for easy searching, or add a location and see it on the map. Evernote 5 is free, but there is a premium version with even more features that you might want to check out.

2. Mint

Personal finance is not something a lot of college students like to think about, but that might change thanks to Mint. Mint (in combination with a free account) lets you keep track of bank account balances, daily spending, bills, and lots of other fiscally important stuff. Mint makes it much easier for a financial novice to budget.

Mint has actually been around for a couple of years, but recent updates have optimized the app for the iPhone 5 and added a lot of great new features that make it even easier to keep track of your money. For a college student this could mean the difference between going out with friends on a Friday night and eating cold ramen in a dorm room.

3. Anki 2

Recent studies show that spaced repetition software is one of the best ways to learn and retain new information. We’re talking about high-tech flashcards, more or less, and Anki 2 is a great app for that. Flashcards are probably already part of your study routine, especially if you take a foreign language course, but Anki 2 helps you take them to a whole new level.

Creating the cards is quick and simple; you can even add images and sounds to your cards, or links to useful web pages. Once you start studying, Anki will schedule which cards to show you so that you’re best able to remember them permanently. Anki 2 is a great alternative to having cluttered stacks of index cards gathering dust around your apartment.

These are just a couple of new apps to help a disorganized college student, but they’re must haves. But almost anybody can benefit from these three apps, so don’t count yourself out if you’re not in school. Ending your organizational issues is probably easier than it has ever before; all you need is an iPhone or iPad and a little bit of help.

Author Bio : James Traynor is a freelance author, college student, and iOS user. He writes for various tech and entertainment blogs across the web, as well as contributing frequently to college research sites such as In his spare time, James enjoys designing websites and sampling as many different unique beers as he can find.


What’s New on Apple’s New iMac

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It isn’t long ago when Apple Inc. released the iPhone 5. Surely, the enthusiasts of the popular smartphone met the new product with open arms, even though were thought to have been “bored” by it. Nonetheless, people salivated over this product release, and apparently, Apple Inc. was not done yet.

Last October 23, the company announced its update on its line of desktop computers, which is the iMac. This was the first time in three years that Apple Inc. had made design changes and additional features to these computers. This announcement came shortly after the release of one of the many products of Apple, which is the iPad Mini.

About the iMac

First introduced in 1998, the iMac evolved through time. Continuous innovations and renovations, internal and external, were very evident through the years. The first “transparent gumdrop” monitor was a very well-known design of the iMac, and so is the one that is shaped like the Pixar lamp. Indeed, every design of the iMac was distinct. The company even shifted towards computers which utilizes flatscreen monitors. This gave consumers a wider computing experience.

Now, the new iMac is now out in stores. What does it have today that stands out from the other iterations of the iMac computers?

What’s new with the new iMac?

One thing that Apple Inc. added to the new iMac is its refined screen monitor. Although the new iMac today is still a “carbon copy” of the previous generation of Apple computers, the new one has a very thin screen monitor frame that measures up to about 5 millimeters on the edges. Running upwards to the top of the screen monitor, it carefully curves towards the back with a slight thickness to it.

What’s very interesting about the new iMac’s monitor’s screen glass and the display is combined through a special process. That process did not involve creating an air gap between the display and glass, which is usually at the thickness of 2 mm.

One can definitely ponder that looking at the display of the new iMac does not demonstrate any glare at all. This is due to the fact that the new iMac reduces glare at about 75 percent. In-plane switching technology, or IPS, is also evident on the screen, which means that the display in the monitor can be viewed completely in all angles.

Apart from the screen monitor’s glass-to-display combination, the whole thing itself is made from two aluminum pieces pressurized together with the use of heat. This makes the screen monitor sleeker and slimmer than the previous iMacs.

Moreover, it is a bit surprising that the iMac still doesn’t have a retina display despite the improved display. Ironically, only Apple’s Macbook Pro’s 13-inch display has that kind of feature.

Meanwhile, here are some of the other interesting features of the new iMac:

  • Intel-powered Ivy Bridge processors, which means that the new iMac could run on either Core i5 or a Core i7 processor.
  • A single Fusion Drive, which combines 128 GB flash storage and a 1 TB or 3 TB hard drive.
  • Wireless Keyboard, Magic Mouse, and Magic Trackpad

The new iMac released in the market is the one with the 21.5-inch display. Next month, Apple is expected to release other units, this time with a much larger 27-inch display.

Author Bio : Marcus Vann is a freelance tech blogger that has been writing about the latest trends in mobile tech, gadgets, social media, and anything related to technology.


How to get facebook page notifications


Facebook changes often. That is not something new to you. If you remember my past posts, I talked about ‘How to get Facebook notifications to your email again’. Actually they do changes only for the users’ best interest. Liking a page and getting notifications from a page are two different activities. When you liked a page, you can see that particular page’s updates on your news feed but you can also miss some posts. If you do not want to miss a single post or an update from a page, this option is what you are looking for.

This is interesting because once you have done this, Facebook page’s updates appear in your notifications and hence you will not miss a single update or a post.

To do this, go to the Facebook page and mouse over on “Liked” button. Then you will see “Get Notifications” from the small pop-up menu. Just CLICK on it and you will have what you wanted.


That is it. You will see notifications once your preferred Facebook page is been updated.


Yahoo Faces Lawsuit over Security Breach

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According to news, Yahoo is the newest corporation to face a lawsuit. Google, Samsung, Apple and Facebook were known as corporations that suffered from lawsuits every now and then. Be it patents, copyrights, copied ideas or consumer problems, these corporations stole the shine but now Yahoo has stepped in the lawsuit party as it gets sued over a major security breach.

According to California’s recent activities the organization is facing a major internet security lawsuit due to the breach in its security as a group of hackers known as Eastern European entered the Yahoo lines and accessed more than five hundred thousand unencrypted accounts.

The organization is a well known internet company that is playing at high stakes. After Google, Yahoo is the organization that’s gaining popularity with the Yahoo mail and instant messaging portal Yahoo has always been a favorite of consumers. The organization provided internet services to millions of users around the world everyday but didn’t realize the preliminaries of internet security. They hadn’t implemented any security for its millions of users and it was found that user’s personal information was as open as an open book on the street. Anybody could have accessed it easily and the Eastern European group of hackers joked about how easy access into Yahoo was and they easily gathered unencrypted data of more than four hundred thousand online users. They took their personal information as well as their login credentials and all the information contained in the accounts.

According to the lawsuit developed, the lead Jeff Allen says that his information and the information of thousands of users apart from him were posted online for the world to see. Anybody could gather than personal information and use it for their pleasure; nothing was left as the security breach was so intensified. Allan says that within days of the security breach he received an alert of account fraud on his eBay accounts as it said that his Yahoo login credentials were used to hack into his eBay account. Allan then realized that Yahoo had suffered a security breach and said that he didn’t even know how much information the hackers had accessed, his private life, his pictures and bank accounts details were all visible to the hackers and all because of Yahoo’s inability to give optimal service to its consumers, considering their users put their trust in the website and this is what they attained.

The law situation seriously states that “Plaintiff Allan brings this class action lawsuit against Yahoo for failing to adequately safeguard his and others’ personal information. Mr. Allan seeks an order requiring Yahoo to remedy the harm caused by its negligent security, which may include compensating plaintiff and class members for resulting account fraud and for all reasonably necessary measures plaintiff and class members have had to take in order to identify and safeguard the accounts put at risk by Yahoo’s negligent security”. The claim clearly shows Yahoo’s inability to secure it’s consumers and Yahoo is in deep trouble because of this.

Allan states that due to Yahoo’s inability to safeguard his data the company lost millions of consumers and many high-yielding clients. According to Yahoo’s own blog post it said that the hackers didn’t access the whole data base but only a standalone file that contained the information of users who had joined Yahoo before May 2010.

Whatever Yahoo says it is still blamed for its inability to guard its consumer’s data. The decrypted login credentials showed that Yahoo couldn’t even take a simple step of encrypting user data and maybe if it did that it wouldn’t have suffered such a catastrophe.

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How to Use Facebook and Twitter on Your iPhone

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Social media is really the big thing right now, even for local businesses.  More and more often if a customer wants more details about a business, they are checking Facebook or Twitter first.  Another thing that is gaining popularity with people is using their mobile devices to go online and check their social media pages.  Don’t be the last to use the newest technology!  Grab your iPhone and get a Facebook and Twitter account.  Here are a few tips on how to use Facebook and Twitter on your iPhone.

Starting the Social Media Trend

To start with, you need to download the Facebook and Twitter Apps.  Once done, you simply tap the icon of the app, type in your username and password and sign in.  It really is that easy.  If you don’t already have an account, all you need to do is create one which you can do through the app.

Now comes the fun!  Type out your first status and watch as it says “via mobile” underneath.  Start using your phone to “check in” places and let your friends know where you are, make quick tweets while you are out and about, and respond to comments in a flash rather than at the end of the day when you get back home.  Using your iPhone makes social networking so much easier.  You no longer have to try to remember an update until you get home when something big happens, you can post it the second it pops into your mind.  You can also be the one that knows the newest news as you can pop on and check updates whenever you want.

For businesses, customers expect fast responses in this fast paced world.  Now you no longer have to set aside time to go to your computer and check to see what your customers are saying.  When you have a lull in your business day you can now make that time productive time by pulling out your iPhone and updating the company’s Facebook or Twitter pages.

Helpful Apps and Tips on Sharing

Don’t stop there however!  There are plenty of apps worth downloading that can make the experience easier and better.  Apps such as TweetDeck and iSocialize can really simplify matters, especially for busy business owners.  These apps allow you to login once, write a single status, select the social media websites you want to use and then post a status to all of them with a single push of a button.  This can save you a lot of time logging in and update statuses one by one.

Want to get the most out of the Facebook app?  Here are a few tricks to remember.  You can sync your contacts from your phone to Facebook.  Doing this will transfer Facebook pictures and other helpful items straight to your phone and vice versa.  All you have to do is go to the Facebook app, tap the “friends” option and then tap the box in the right corner and it will say Sync.  Another nifty trick to know is that you can change your cover photo from your iPhone.  Simply tap the camera icon that is on the cover photo of your page. Now you can upload a picture or snap a new one with your phone.

Author Bio: Helene Lazarenco is a dedicated writer at She is passionate by Technology, Security software and Blogging.

install wordpress in 5 minutes

Install WordPress in 5 Minutes

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install wordpress in 5 minutes

WordPress is famous for its five-minute installation procedure. Most users should be able to install and configure this blogging platform, provided they have some familiarity with file directory structures, web servers and creating users. There are extremely detailed instructions available for completing this procedure. A breakdown of what you’ll actually have to understand to complete the process follows.

Users and Permissions

WordPress requires a MySQL database to function correctly. If you’re doing a manual installation, you’ll have to set up and configure this for yourself. This isn’t anywhere nearly as hard as it sound. In fact, there is probably an interface on your web hosting control panel that allows you to get this done by simply clicking a button. Simply create a database on your web server and then make a user for that database. You’ll want to give this user full control of the database, which is done through permissions.

Renaming Files

There are some renaming tasks that you have to complete for the installation. These aren’t hard. Just right click and rename the file according to the instructions. Wp-config-sample.php becomes wp-config.php, for example. If you have problems, check for:

Spaces in your file names, they aren’t allowed

Accidental changes to the file extensions

Accidental saves as a different file type—PHP becomes TXT for instance.

Text Editors

The five-minute installation calls for a text editor. A text editor is different than a word processor. Text editors generally default to save files in TXT format. They don’t make any changes to the formatting of a page when they open it, don’t correct spelling automatically and don’t add content to a file beyond whatever letters are added to it. This makes them ideal for source files. There are a number of them on the market; even very advanced versions are free. They include:

• Notepad (default Windows text editor)

• eMacs

• VI

• Scite

You can download one for free or just use the one included with your operating system. Don’t use a word processor—Word, Word Perfect,, etc.—as they may add content to the files that make them invalid.

FTP Programs 

There are plenty of programs out there that allow you to use File Transfer Protocol (FTP) servers. They include:

• FileZilla

• Ws_FTP

• SmartFTP

Any of these programs will work. They also support secure FTP, which is important if you’re working with files that contain personal information.

Renaming Directories

You’ll have to do some directory renaming, in all likelihood, as part of your manual installation. This is easy. In most FTP programs, you just right-click on the name of the directory and give it a new name. You’ll want to make sure you follow the current directions for installing WordPress when you do this to avoid making errors that disable your site.

Run a Script

This is easy and it’s another step that’s not as complicated as it sounds. Just go to your domain name and follow the current WordPress install instructions to determine what directory you need to go to. For WordPress 3.0, you go to the following address Just visiting the address runs the script.

Author Bio: Irene Perlog is a dedicated writer at, where she is reviewing the best VPN providers.


How to show passwords behind asterisk

It is a known fact that sometimes we save our passwords in our personal computers as a convenient method to save time and energy but security wise it’s not a good method to follow taking into consideration present fraud attempts going on, such as someone can access to your bank account or social network accounts if they use your computer for just 5 minutes.

But practically it’s an easy and time saving way to log in to all your personal accounts with passwords saved due to the fact by using a single click you can log in to your accounts without having to type the passwords every time you log in to the system.

But you are going to forget your password when you keep this going because you never type the password and your computer remembers the password for you, so what will you do if you forgot the password and you need to type the password this can happen if you totally clear the cache or re-install windows.

This is how you can read password behind Asterisks on browsers.

Drag and drop this bookmark in to your bookmark.

Bookmark This

Now you go to the log-in page. As an example Gmail. Then go the bookmark and open it. You will get a small window with the password you have saved in your browser.



 This is how you can read password through Asterisks on any window on your computer.

Download this small software and install it (It’s a totally trustworthy software). Open the software window where you have saved the log-in password and open the software it. Click on “Recover”


You will see the password behind Asterisks.

google chrome startup pages

How to set Google Chrome multiple homepages ?

What is the first website you visit when you open Google Chrome ?It might be Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc because you need to check your email first. To me It’s Gmail. What is the second website you visit ? Twitter or facebook ? Third one might be CNN.

It doesn’t matter the priority. But there are at least 3 or 4 websites you visit once you open Google Chrome.

How would it be if Google Chrome opened those 3 websites as soon as you logged into Google Chrome ? Sounds sweet right ? much easier and time saver than having to open them one by one instead they are already open for you to surf.

Now that is possible just follow the below given instructions..

Go to settings first to set Google Chrome multiple homepages.


On startup menu click “Set Pages”


Type your 3 or 4 websites URL one by one and click OK.

google chrome startup pages

That’s it. Close Google Chrome and open it again.

You will see Google chrome opens multiple homepages automatically.


Google Chrome start to download files automatically for some websites

It is a usual thing If your browser starts to download files when you click download links but it is very usual If your browser starts to download files automatically when you open websites, you can’t even view these websites either hence this is a very irritating issue while also the next issue is Google Chrome crashing once this happens.

Solution 1

Open Google Chrome browser and reset everything. Go to Tools —–> Clear browsing data


Mark everything and click on “Clear browsing data”


Then restart the browser.

Go to solution 2 if you still have the issue.

Solution 2

If your browser started to download files automatically you might have installed “Internet download manager”.

Uninstall “Internet download manager and see if you still have the issue.

 Solution 3

Check your browser version. You need to update Google Chrome if the browser is outdated.

mozilla do not tracked

Would you mind If I see your online behavior data ?

mozilla do not tracked

Would you mind If I see what kind of website you mostly visit ? What kind advertisements you click ? etc

You sure don’t. No one likes that. Many people want to browse the web anonymously using a proxy server even. Because everyone has their privacy. If you remember I wrote another article on How to browse the internet privately Yes this similar to that.

Mozilla Firefox 4 started to send your online behavior data. This feature is called “Do not block”. They introduced this feature in 2011 but majority of people are still not aware of this. It comes by default.

Therefore it keeps sending your data until you change it.

But why do they do it ? Those data help advertisers to put advertisements on websites. Because they can know what kind of websites you mostly visit and what kind of advertisements you click. etc

To stop that simply go to Tools —> Options

tell websites I do not want to be tracked

And mark on “Tell websites I do not want to be tracked”.

youtube white dot screen

Youtube became an old fashioned TV when the internet is not available

youtube white dot screen

What will happen if the TV channel goes unavailable while you are watching?

As you know now most of the TVs gives a blue screen when the TV channel goes off but do you remember old fashioned TV which had small black and white dotes all over the screen.

Youtube has added the same effect when internet is not available.

I think It’s pretty cool. Earlier they had just the error message saying

“An error occurred. Please try again later”. I thought you might be interested about this cool effect.

But you can only see this effect If you drag the time pointer forward while internet connection is not available.

Try it and see how cool it is.



Generic Host Process for Win32 Services has encountered a problem and needs to close We are sorry for the inconvenience


“Generic Host Process for Win32 Services has encountered a problem and needs to close We are sorry for the inconvenience”

You probably have seen this error if you are a Windows XP user. Worse thing is this error disconnects your internet until you restart the computer. Other annoying thing is this error crashes your opened applications.

Good thing is it’s easy to solve the problem. You don’t have to use any third party software. I have seen some people pay couple of dollars to buy some small software to fix this issue.

You can see this error if you installed windows couple of days ago. But you can’t see this error if you have genuine windows and if you went through windows security updates.

We have two solutions.

1. Go to this link

This is called hotfix package. Chose your operating system.


Download the hotfix package. Install it and restart the computer.


2. Go to these two links.



Download two files and install them. Restart the computer.

You won’t see that error 🙂


How to Make Circles in Google+ ? It’s Fun !

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Are you acquainted with Google+ ? Google+ is not as popular a concept as Twitter and Facebook; it has just emerged in the social networking domain. Although very few users are surfing Google+ these days, it is expected to earn widespread popularity in recent future. Every social networking site has its own unique feature and Google+ is not an exception. Can you name the special feature of Google+ ? Creating groups of friends through circles is a distinctive feature of this social networking site.

Google+ Circles – An Exclusive Feature

If you are novice to Google+, this write up from remote computer support experts are there to assist you. Are you wondering what the circles are all about? Circles are useful in the sense they enable you to keep a track of the people in a particular circle. This is also another way of organizing your friends according to their real time acquaintances.

When you open your friend list, you can readily view your family members from the family circle, close friends, workplace friends and so on from their respective circles. You can share the relevant contents with the relevant persons. For instance, if you are planning for an office party with the colleagues exclusively, you should only share it with the office friends’ circle.

This is one social networking site that allows you to keep your private information exclusively to a definite group. Share your details with the circle of friends you like and hide the details from friends you do not want. Hearing about its stunning feature do you like to make your own Google+ circles? Scroll down below to know the easiest way to do so.

Create Google+ Circle

Step 1: To start with, sign into your Google+ account and go to toolbar. There you have to click circles icon and the respective page will be opened.

Step 2: Four default circles are available from Google+ – Acquaintances, Family, Friends and Following. Are these default circles not enough for you? Create your own circle by selecting the users you like to add to your group and putting them into the number of circles you wish. For instance, in case you desire to add your cousin to both family and friends circle, you are free to accomplish your desire.

Step 3: Selecting your group of friends, drag and drop these to a blank circle that reads “drop here to create new circle”. When you have successfully completed the step, you will get to see the number of users you have added to your new circle.

Step 4: Click on the option of “create circle” that comes up and name the new circle in the empty box given. Are you not happy with the default circle name? Rename it as you like by clicking on “rename” option and save it.

Step 5: Correct execution of the steps will show up your new circle in the line of the default ones.

Have you been successful in creating your own preferred circle? If not, follow this simple guideline or contact the online computer services for help.

Author Bio: Arthur Bail is associated with the My Tech Support Store that provides online computer support and remote tech support.