Nimztech’s new friends from Google Search Engine = Site Links

Today I checked Nimztech on Google. Guess what! I could see Nimztech’s site links. Google has created site links.

I know this is not a thing to be bragged about. But I consider this as a tiny achievement. I still remember the moment I published the first article. Actually Nimztech was a static website which I personally prefer creating.  Nevertheless I had to convert it to a blog because a blog doesn’t take much time to publish articles when we are done with writing. Now Nimztech runs on WordPress very smoothly.

Initially the articles for Nimztech were edited by one of my best friends, Rishani Sittampalam. She helped me out with initial articles giving me an immense support. Dilini Jayasekara is also one of my best buddies & is currently backing with editing almost all the articles. Therefore credits go to both of you and to those who supported me even with single word.

I believe blogs are similar to plants, as they need to be well nurtured and taken care of… It takes some time to grow. We cannot boost up their speed by cheating on search engines like GoogleYahooBing. It is a match that you can never win. No way! If you’re serious about what you do, consistently add contents valuable to others. I believe you CAN NOT conceal your blog from search engines if you come up with something worthwhile to read.

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