Nikon Coolpix s800 Android Based Camera is a Smart Way to Take Pictures

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To some people the days of carrying around a camera to record memories is a thing of the past.  The old fashioned film cameras have been replaced with digital cameras.  The ability of digital cameras to take both video and still pictures has limited the need for the bulky old video cameras that used to be seen at every little league baseball game.  Digital point and shoot cameras completely changed the way that people took pictures and recorded events, but they are being rapidly replaced as well.  People are now using the cameras that are built into their phones instead of carrying around a digital camera with them.  There is a new camera on the horizon that might convince people that there is a better option than their phone.  The Nikon Coolpix s800 Android powered phone is going to convince people that there is a new and better option.

What Does it Do

The first thing you need to learn about this camera is what makes it better to use.  The phone includes built-in Wi-Fi and GPS systems.  This will allow the camera to connect to the internet.  The camera will have full access to the Google Play store and all of the apps that are available there.  With those capabilities and with the 25-250 mm lens and OLED display people can not only take great pictures, they can share them on social networks or through email directly from the phone.  That is one of the advantages that phones with cameras are offering and now there is a camera that can do the same thing.  The GPS allows you to mark the pictures with the time, date and place that the picture was taken.

Why is it Needed

If the phones can already take pictures and you can share them with others, why do you need this camera?   Phones with cameras are primarily phones.  The camera is an additional thing that is added to the phone.  While the quality of the pictures that are taken on the phone might be acceptable, it is not as good as a device that is primarily a camera.  The ability to access the apps from Google also mean that you can find apps to edit your pictures before you share them with anyone.  This is not always possible on a phone that has a camera.  For some people a phone with a camera will meet all of their needs.  For the people who do not want to be limited, the Coolpix from Nikon might be the answer that they are looking for.

Cameras today are in limbo.  Professional photographers are still going to need cameras that take the highest quality pictures, but the average person just needs something that is handy that can capture the images that they want.  By making a smart camera, a Nikon is coming up with a way to engage people in the art of photography again.  It will not only record the images that you want, it will allow you to turn it into art that you can share with others.

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