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Make Your Reports Look Professional – PDF them

Most people use Microsoft Word and Excel to create reports, invoices, proposals etc but the problem is sometimes the document’s alignment are completely haywire when the document is opened by other people. Your client will definitely be displeased by its appearance. Not very professional, eh?

I suggest, converting them in to PDF. When converted to PDF, alignments remain as in original document – they do not change. This format basically compresses your document and others can not alter its contents. There is a great tool call “pdf24” (which is free), used to convert. Useful also for the designer. Your Photoshop and Illustrator documents also can be converted.The bonus is, it reduces the capacity of your document.

To get this great tool, go to the following website www.en.pdf24.org/ and download PDF24 Creator application
pdf creator hit on download

Run the installation
pdf creator instalation

Once you are done with the installation it will add a printer call “pdf24”
pdf creator pdf printer

Open your document requires conversion.

Press Ctrl + P or hit on print
hit on print

Select pdf24 in print list. Hit on OK
select pdf24 printer

It will give you a cute window. If you want to see how it looks like you can hit on “show pdf” otherwise you can save it directly by hitting on the “save pdf” button.
hit on print

That’s it. It looks more professional doesn’t it ?

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