icon on the desktop

Lets create a simple icon on Paint

icon on the desktopEveryone’s heard of Paint, right? It’s a simple software which has basic tools for drawing and editing. But with this simple software we can make simple, yet cool icons?

This is how it’s done…

Open Paint and draw something you like. The dimensions should be 16 x 16, 32 x 32 or 48 x 48, these are standard icon sizes. I prefer 48 x 48 because it has more space in comparing with the other two.

I will draw something simple and you too may draw whatever like and a good one. If you are a creative person and I’m assuming that you know Paint tools.

Here is what I drew.
paint software art

Direct your mouse pointer to the end of the right corner of the document.
drag it up to the left top

Now drag it up to the left top (for the icon size). We can’t create exactly 48 x 48 size because Paint does not have a ruler. So you just have to guess the size of the icon.
paint software art

We are 95% done. Finally go to Save as and save your document like this “my icon.ico” put these two inverted commas and put .ico end of your file name. ICO ? What’s that ? Every file has their own extension type. Likewise this is the icon’s extension. That means you tell it to save as an ICON.
save as my icon.gif

Now you can see how it looks like 🙂
icon on the desktop

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