Last days of Google Buzzs Life


Imagine someone who helped you is going to disappear. Retiring a good friend is not a good thing too right ? Is it ? Everyone knows Google Buzz. I’m pretty sure you have heard about it and you are still using it. Google Buzz is standing under the “Inbox” link in your Gmail.

Google Buzz helps you share interesting post, web pages and basically online content. Imagine you found something interesting and you need to show it to your friends. The next step of yours will be to send it via email? Won’t it? But, with Google Buzz we can easily share online stuff with your friends and they can even comment on it. I remember Google introduced Google Buzz back in February 2010.

Now Google is going to put a full stop to Google Buzz and going to get retired in few weeks. I think the reason is Google +1. Because you can share online content with your google +1 profile.

What about current posts?

As you know Google never let you down. Google gives you two ways to keep current posts on Google Buzz.

1. Your current Google Buzz remaining on your Google +1 profile

2. You can download Google Buzz content by using Google Takeout .

To download your Google Buzz data you can view this tutorial

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