It is a shame that people still ask to click their own ads

Google Adsense is not a secret anymore. They celebrated their 8th birthday sometime back. For the time being Google Adsense is the top PPC (Pay Per Click) in the world now. They are very strict over Invalid Clicks. Hundred of publishers get banned from Google Adsense everyday.

Publishers can NOT click their own ads and NOR they can prompt anyone to click ads (There are more which publishers are restricted from). Every publisher is governed by their policies.


Couple of days back I received an email.


Yes what you see is highly prohibited. It is apparent why people get banned from Google Adsense. I have a liltle bit of knowledge about Google Adsense. Can you imagine how smart Google Adsense team is? Do you think they are novel to Internet world? They can watch you doing forbidden things. Then you get banned and you say “Google Adsense doesn’t work”

But it doesn’t work when you try to cheat them. Keep in your mind that “You can cheat them but you will get banned soon’

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