It is a good thing to have your Facebook profile backup

Having a backup of anything is sensible. If you a web designer, a writer whoever you are what ever you do it is good to get a backup of your work. Anyway what about your social network profiles? Can you get a backup of your profiles? Yes you can. Facebook gives you an option to get a backup. I wonder why people do not make use of it even if they have been provided with backup option download. I never think Facebook will be down in the future. But HOPE FOR THE BEST PLAN FOR THE WORST. Logging to your Facebook account and get your backup right now.

How to get a Facebook backup ?

First go to Account and Account settings. Hit on “learn more” which is next to Download Your Information.


Verify your password


You are going to have a security check. Hit on Start and next step is something really new. This is called Social Authentication which is introduced newly by Facebook team. Do the test by identifying your friends in the photos.


Then Hit on Download button. You can see what is your file size of your backup file (download file). When your download file is ready you will receive an email saying your download file is ready.


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