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How to use your Nokia phone to go online on a pc

Nowadays mobiles are very smart. Mobiles having everything especially when it comes to browsing internet. We can not believe the speed it carries and browsing compatibilities. We use HSPA modems which is also known as dongles to connect internet when we travel. They use 3G technology. But many smart phones support HSPA 3G technology now. Therefore we can use mobile as external HSPA modems. Good thing is it’s really easy to install and no difficult configuration.

For this I’m going to use Nokia E71 to connect internet on a pc. You can use any mobile phone which supports HSPA 3G.

First download and install Nokia OVI Suite. Connect USB cable to mobile. When you plug the cable you can see the phone gives your four option to select.

  • PC Suite
  • Mass Storage
  • Media transfer
  • Connect PC to web

Select “Connect PC to web”. As soon as you select it you can see immediately some notifications coming from the taskbar and install necessary drivers to connect to internet (This happens first time only). A window will come after that. Accept the terms and conditions.


accept the agreement


It will take less than one minute to install the software.


installing your phone


Preparing to connect E71.


Preparing to connect E71


Entire installing part is done. Now it’s going to connect automatically.


connecting automatically


All right It’s connected. Now you can browse the speed.


connected to dialog via internet

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