How to update your Nokia E71

Developers develop software everyday. They always work for giving better versions of software. Might be there are some crashing issues when you use old versions with new applications. Because new applications are designed for current versions which don’t concern much about old version. That is true as technology should be improved day by day. As an example Google Chrome crashes due to usage of an old version.

It is the same for Mobile phones. If you update your mobile software, you will feel better improved features and much better graphics for sure. Ealiar I wrote a article How to use your Nokia phone to go online on a pc. Today also it is about updating your nokia E71.  I will show you how to update your Nokia E71 mobile software today.

I imagine you have installed Nokia OVI suite because it is an essential software if you have a Nokia phone. If you still have not installed it first download it and install it.

Connect mobile using USB cable and select “PC Suite” from the phone options. Open the “Nokia OVI Suite” and click on “Update device software”


Software will automatically find updates for your phone.


This step is very important DO NOT miss this step. Everything on your device will be deleted. Therefore backup your device.


Follow these steps properly. DO NOT remove your USB cable while it installs updates.

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23 thoughts on “How to update your Nokia E71

  1. anu

    is it possible to update nokia e71 without connection to the pc ?
    Is there any way to install nokia sw updator in cell phone e71 ?

  2. izu

    i havn’t try it, but am convinced it will work. Thanks for the info.. Pls are there difference between ‘ovi suit’ and ‘pc suit’ is the ovi suit supposed to be installed in the mobile fone or the pc? Pls clerify me on this. Thanks

  3. Dharampreet

    I tried to update my mobile in this way but after downloading device software an error occured no internet connection and phone is disconnected what should i do ?

  4. Barb

    After all contacts and text messages have been restored and the installation is complete, do backed-up data remains saved to the computer or is it deleted?

  5. kazeem

    After updating, will all my installed application like Nimbuzz, whatsapp be restore or i will need to re-install them?


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