How To Transition Your Business To Cloud Based Solution

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One of the best things you can do for your growing company is to change your current business phone systems to a Cloud system. This will save you money, give you more features and options for your communications and allow for easier remote working. Changing to the new system is not that hard and should not cost you a lot of money.

Determine Your Needs

With Cloud based phone systems, the important part is having enough bandwidth and computer power to handle your needs. If you are going to use a hosted service, you will not have to worry too much about the server for your system. You will need to pay a monthly free for a company to keep track of all your communications, but you will not have to buy and maintain the system. How much you need will depend on how many employees you have and how much they all use the phone at the same time. If you are going to be using the storage facilities and allowing your people to get into archived projects or call records, you will need to make sure all this is noted on your service agreement.

Choose Between Owning the System and Having it Hosted

If you have a large business, you may benefit from having your own server and system. You may already have the personnel to run and maintain the server. You current network may be enough to take care of the system without the need for new computers.  A smaller business will be better off by using a host company.  Buying all the equipment and maintaining it can be expensive. Both large and small companies would benefit with a host if something goes wrong with the system. A host company will have back-ups of any and all data that you put in your Cloud and they will have a back-up system to keep your communications up and running without having down time.

Decide on Phone Equipment

When you have the Cloud and the Internet for your communication system, you have a variety of options for your phone equipment. If you like, you can keep the old corded phones. Each phone will need to be plugged into either a computer or a modem. You can also purchase corded phones for use with a computer – it has a USB plug instead of an Ethernet type end. Of course, you may also choose to go wireless. The phones can be wireless, the headsets can be wireless or both. You may even opt to use a wireless headset similar to a mobile phone. Wireless will give your employees more mobility around the office without missing a phone call.

Changing to the Cloud for all your communication needs is a good move. The features and options available will only increase your productivity. It will also save you from having to worry about unusually high phone bills. You choose the package you need and your bill will be the same every month, regardless of how much you use the system or where you are calling. The cloud offers more than just communication capabilities. You and your employees can work on the system, keeping every document up-to-date at all times.  Different teams can work on a single document all at the same time no matter where they are accessing it from. Employees can work from home on days they have something keeping them from making it into the office. You can use it for meetings or conferences with customers as well. The more business you do, the more you will realize you need to be in the Cloud. The more you use the Cloud, the more business you will have.

Author Bio : Stella Wilson contributes about business communication systems that act as a skeleton in modern enterprise communications.

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