How to show passwords behind asterisk

It is a known fact that sometimes we save our passwords in our personal computers as a convenient method to save time and energy but security wise it’s not a good method to follow taking into consideration present fraud attempts going on, such as someone can access to your bank account or social network accounts if they use your computer for just 5 minutes.

But practically it’s an easy and time saving way to log in to all your personal accounts with passwords saved due to the fact by using a single click you can log in to your accounts without having to type the passwords every time you log in to the system.

But you are going to forget your password when you keep this going because you never type the password and your computer remembers the password for you, so what will you do if you forgot the password and you need to type the password this can happen if you totally clear the cache or re-install windows.

This is how you can read password behind Asterisks on browsers.

Drag and drop this bookmark in to your bookmark.

Bookmark This

Now you go to the log-in page. As an example Gmail. Then go the bookmark and open it. You will get a small window with the password you have saved in your browser.



 This is how you can read password through Asterisks on any window on your computer.

Download this small software and install it (It’s a totally trustworthy software). Open the software window where you have saved the log-in password and open the software it. Click on “Recover”


You will see the password behind Asterisks.

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