How to setup Google 2-Step Verification ?


You know how important your Google user name and password are, if you use specially Google Adsense. There are lot of applications which can be run via your Google account. I don’t think that you want to let someone hack your Google account. I seriously don’t even want to think about it. Yes it is scary.

Google introduced a fantastic option to protect your Google account from hackers sometime back. But majority still don’t use it and some have not even heard about it. This is called 2-Step Verification. Actually this works with your phone as well. This is a great idea as  hackers can guess your password but they can not have access to your phone.

How does Google 2-Step Verification work ? 

It is really simple. If someone tries to sign-in to your Google account, Google asks you a verification code which is simultaneously sent to your phone. Then hackers have no luck in signing  in to your Google account even  though they are brilliant in guessing  your password as they can not have access to your phone.

When you go through the setup you can choose another phone number as backup. You can set your home number there. They apparently  give you 10 more backup verification codes.

How to setup Google 2-Step verification ?

Go to your Account settings.


Click on “Using 2-step verification” and go through the setup process.


That it. You just added another security layer to your Google account.

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