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How to set Google Chrome multiple homepages ?

What is the first website you visit when you open Google Chrome ?It might be Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc because you need to check your email first. To me It’s Gmail. What is the second website you visit ? Twitter or facebook ? Third one might be CNN.

It doesn’t matter the priority. But there are at least 3 or 4 websites you visit once you open Google Chrome.

How would it be if Google Chrome opened those 3 websites as soon as you logged into Google Chrome ? Sounds sweet right ? much easier and time saver than having to open them one by one instead they are already open for you to surf.

Now that is possible just follow the below given instructions..

Go to settings first to set Google Chrome multiple homepages.


On startup menu click “Set Pages”


Type your 3 or 4 websites URL one by one and click OK.

google chrome startup pages

That’s it. Close Google Chrome and open it again.

You will see Google chrome opens multiple homepages automatically.

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