How to publish your Twitter tweets on your Facebook page ?

How to publish your Twitter tweets on your Facebook page ? Or do you still wonder how come your facebook friends write on their Facebook page via Twitter?

Maybe you want to share the same link you updated on twitter. If it automatically goes to your Facebook page, come on! It’s great as you don’t have to share the same link on Facebook again. It is the advantage.

There are two ways to publish Twitter tweets on Facebook

Enabling from Twitter account

This is the general way. Go to your Twitter account —> Settings


Go to Profile


Go to the bottom of the page. Click on “Post your Tweets to Facebook” button.


Click on “sign in to facebook and connect your accounts” button.

sign in to facebook and connect your accounts

It will identify your Facebook account if you have already signed in. If not you have to sign in to your Facebook account.

Then it will request permission.

request for permission

Right! You’re done. Click on “Save” to apply changes you made to your Twitter account.

With Selective Tweet Status 

In my opinion I don’t like the general way. Because I don’t want to share all tweets on Facebook. There are some tweets I don’t want to publish on Facebook. Therefore I’d better go with something over which I have control.

There is a super Facebook application called Selective Tweet Status. Go to the application, type your Twitter user name and hit “Save” button.


Just add #fb at the end of your tweet which you want to set on Facebook.


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