How to Make Circles in Google+ ? It’s Fun !

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Are you acquainted with Google+ ? Google+ is not as popular a concept as Twitter and Facebook; it has just emerged in the social networking domain. Although very few users are surfing Google+ these days, it is expected to earn widespread popularity in recent future. Every social networking site has its own unique feature and Google+ is not an exception. Can you name the special feature of Google+ ? Creating groups of friends through circles is a distinctive feature of this social networking site.

Google+ Circles – An Exclusive Feature

If you are novice to Google+, this write up from remote computer support experts are there to assist you. Are you wondering what the circles are all about? Circles are useful in the sense they enable you to keep a track of the people in a particular circle. This is also another way of organizing your friends according to their real time acquaintances.

When you open your friend list, you can readily view your family members from the family circle, close friends, workplace friends and so on from their respective circles. You can share the relevant contents with the relevant persons. For instance, if you are planning for an office party with the colleagues exclusively, you should only share it with the office friends’ circle.

This is one social networking site that allows you to keep your private information exclusively to a definite group. Share your details with the circle of friends you like and hide the details from friends you do not want. Hearing about its stunning feature do you like to make your own Google+ circles? Scroll down below to know the easiest way to do so.

Create Google+ Circle

Step 1: To start with, sign into your Google+ account and go to toolbar. There you have to click circles icon and the respective page will be opened.

Step 2: Four default circles are available from Google+ – Acquaintances, Family, Friends and Following. Are these default circles not enough for you? Create your own circle by selecting the users you like to add to your group and putting them into the number of circles you wish. For instance, in case you desire to add your cousin to both family and friends circle, you are free to accomplish your desire.

Step 3: Selecting your group of friends, drag and drop these to a blank circle that reads “drop here to create new circle”. When you have successfully completed the step, you will get to see the number of users you have added to your new circle.

Step 4: Click on the option of “create circle” that comes up and name the new circle in the empty box given. Are you not happy with the default circle name? Rename it as you like by clicking on “rename” option and save it.

Step 5: Correct execution of the steps will show up your new circle in the line of the default ones.

Have you been successful in creating your own preferred circle? If not, follow this simple guideline or contact the online computer services for help.

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