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How to make Administrator’s password blank

administrator account It is a terrible thing to lose your administration password on your own computer. Don’t worry I will tell you how to recover your administrator password in a matter of moments. This method needs another PC or if you are running on dual boot system even this would be helpful.

With another PC:

First remove your hard drive in which the operating system has been installed (If you don’t know you can check which hard drive has “Windows, Program Files, User or Document and settings” folders.) and save your hard drive by changing jumpers and plug your hard drive to another computer.

If you are booting through your hard drive, boot it’s hard drive first because we will be change two files in your Windows Directory.

If it is booting through your hard drive we can’t change the files which we wish to change. After booting the computer, go to system32 folder located in windows folder and go to config folder.

Now you can see there is a file called “sam” it is 256 KB right ? This file keeps information of users and passwords of your computer.

Now go to repair folder located in Windows Folder. You will see there is another file called “sam” and it is 24KB. This folder contains no information of users and passwords so it has less capacity file size. Copy the original file located in your config folder first as a backup. Now copy “sam” file from repair folder, paste it to config folder and replace the sam file which is already there.

If you are running on dual boot system

If you lose your Windows XP admin password you should boot from another operating system like Windows 7. The same way as mentioned above with another PC but always remember you can’t change this file while you are running on the particular operating system. Enjoy.

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