How to get facebook page notifications


Facebook changes often. That is not something new to you. If you remember my past posts, I talked about ‘How to get Facebook notifications to your email again’. Actually they do changes only for the users’ best interest. Liking a page and getting notifications from a page are two different activities. When you liked a page, you can see that particular page’s updates on your news feed but you can also miss some posts. If you do not want to miss a single post or an update from a page, this option is what you are looking for.

This is interesting because once you have done this, Facebook page’s updates appear in your notifications and hence you will not miss a single update or a post.

To do this, go to the Facebook page and mouse over on “Liked” button. Then you will see “Get Notifications” from the small pop-up menu. Just CLICK on it and you will have what you wanted.


That is it. You will see notifications once your preferred Facebook page is been updated.

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