How to fix Google Chrome Crash issue


Programs crash due to many reasons. It’s not new nor is it a big thing to a pc. But we cannot work if a program crashes continuously.

Google Chrome browser has this crashing problem due to couple of reasons.

How to fix Google Chrome Crash issue?

Solution 1

Google Chrome browser crashes because the browser is not up to date. Therefore first check your Google Chrome browser version and see whether you have the latest, if not update it.

Solution 2

Sometimes Google Chrome browser crashes after installing some third party software, such as Internet Download Manager. If you installed it follow this method.

Open Internet Download Manager and go to option. Untick “Google Chrome” from under “capture downloads from the following browsers”

internet download manager untick google chrome browser

Solution 3

If you just installed a new extension open Google Chrome extensions and uninstall it. Also, when you install third party software some unnecessary extensions are installed without asking you. Have a look and uninstall them too.

Solution 4

Malware can crash your Google Chrome browser. Might be a virus is trying to inject the Google Chrome browser every time you open the browser. Because of this, your favorite Google Chrome browser can crash. Therefore, do a system scan and see whether you have any malware in your system.

Solution 5

This can be due to corruption of system files. Therefore check whether your protected system files are corrupted. If so repair them.

Solution 6

If you still have the problem after following these four steps, I suggest you do a system restore. Then your Google Chrome browser will be definitely fine.

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