saving pictures from download fb album

How to download your facebook friends’ picture albums

I showed you how to get your Facebook profile backup before. This tutorial will illustrate how to download your friends’ picture albums. I hope you won’t be using this with the intention of manipulation.(Its not ethical to use our knowledge to satisfy absurd purposes which are harmful to others.)

Go to Chrome Web Store (Don’t worry this is free) and search “Download FB album”

Then Click on “Add To Chrome” button. Right ! Installation is done already.

download fb album add to chrome

Go to your friends’ album and check there is an icon on the left corner of the URL bar.

download fb album icon

Click the icon and wait till it grabs all pictures in a new web page nicely. Then press “Ctrl+s” save the web page and save it.

saving pictures from download fb album

Now all album pictures are in the folder.

That’s it.

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