How to decrease file size of bulk of photos within couple of seconds

Maybe you took your friends pictures from your camera and you want to email them to him. But total files size is around 100Mb. If you send them as it is it will take long time and maybe it won’t deliver to him. You can upload them to somewhere and you can send him the download link but if he doesn’t need high quality pictures that is useless. Because it takes long time to download.

What is the easy way to send them if he doesn’t need high quality photos?

It is a good idea if you can decrease each file’s size. Then you can email them easily. Light Image resizer is a great freeware tool which we can use to decrease the file size of bulk of photos at once.

Note : Don’t install the second software, it’s a headache for your all browsers.

How to use Light Image resizer tool ?

Open the software and click on “files”


Browse images and open them.

light image resizer browsing pictures

Choose the best option from drop down menu. For this I choose “Email (724 x 768)”


Right then click on “Process”. Then it will start proceed your request.


Finally it will create a zip file.

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