How to customize your bookmark toolbar in Mozilla Firefox

When you installed Mozilla Firefox you can see there are default links in the bookmark toolbar. Truth is majority of people do not use them at all.


Some people do not even notice there are links which we do not use. What we can do is we can simply put our most visiting website links there.
Personally I love to put fav icons instead putting name of the websites because fav icons look good in the toolbar and they do not take much space.
How to put websites’ fav icons as bookmark in bookmark tool bar?
First delete all default bookmarks from the bookmark toolbar by right clicking on them and click delete.


Visit the website which you want to add to bookmark toolbar. Then drag and drop the website’ fav icon in to bookmark toolbar.


Full name of the website will be there. You can remove the name right clicking on it and go to properties.


You can put your all most visiting websites’ fav icons in bookmark toolbar.


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