How to create an event using Google Calendar


We organize events and make use of Facebook to invite our friends and guests. But majority of people  are unaware that they can create events and invite people via Google Calendar. Comparing to Facebook event invitations, Gmail event invitations look professional.

How to create an event using Google Calendar ?

First sign into  Gmail. Go to Google Calendar. Hit on Create event

create event

Now you will see a web page where you can enter your event details such as;

  • Event Title
  • Event Date
  • Event starting time and ending time
  • Location
  • Description

These are the main areas you have to fill in.


There after, your invitees can be added,


You can see  3 option in this menu. If  it is a limited party, you can  remove the tick on “invite others”.

It will seek your permission  to send out the invitations, when you hit on the Save button finally.


This is the invitation that your invitees will receive


Once  they hit on” Yes, Maybe and No”, responses  will come to your inbox.

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