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How to create an animation on the desktop

nimztech animationHave you seen some people have cool animations on their desktop? And you are unable to click on it since the animation has embedded in to their desktop. Didn’t you try to set an animation in to your desktop? All right here we go.

First find a GIF animation image. If you want to create your own GIF animation you can learn it from here

Right click on the desktop and go to properties.

Click on the “Customize Desktop” in the Desktop tab
click on customize desktop

Click on Advanced tab and click on the Error Reporting button

Go to web tab and click on “New” button
click on new button

and then browse your GIF image and open it.
open gif animation

and click on OK twice “Desktop Item” window and “Display Properties”

Ok now you can see your animation is activated on the desktop. Tip your mouse point over it, a border will be appearing. Click on the top of the border and move it where you want it to be.

Click on small arrow and click on “Customize my desktop”
click on the arrow

Finally tick on “Lock desktop items”

All right you are done. You will see that even you are unable to move the animation now. If you want to move or remove it ,untick “Lock desktop items” first. You can go there right clicking on your desktop.

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