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How to choose a creative domain

creativev domainEveryday, people pick domains to host websites. Do you wonder if we have creative domains out there? Of course, there are plenty of good and domains out there and available for you. (The really good ones are taken). Some people pay alot of money for a domain if it is under someone else but I suggest you do not pay so much since good domains are available.

I know what it feels like when the domain you are eyeing is taken. If you are creative you can find a creative domain name, if you are not, you do not have to worry about it because there are some handy tools to help you find a good and shorter domain name.

wordoid this is a great place which helps you choose a good domain name.

“The rules when picking the name for a new business are deeply ingrained in common sense. Basically, you must pick a name which has two main characteristics: being short and being catchy. A short name ensures that people will not only remember it effortlessly, but will be also capable of recommending it through word of mouth.” (source –

That says it all, doesn’t it?

With this free tool you can create domain sounds in English, Spanish, French, and German. In the Drop Menu we can select from the following options Sounds Natural, Almost Naturals and Hardly Natural

wordoids languages

And If we want, we can put something in to every search domains too. And then simply hit on “Create” button It will create a whole bunch of domain ideas for you.

wordoids search results

You can see whether it is already taken or not and it tells you how many times each word appears on the web. Cool, isn’t it?

wordoids search result

Finally if you are interested and if you want to buy your domain you can hit on “Register” which is in the right side of every domain. It will direct you to godaddy

wordoids buy domain


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