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How to browse the internet privately

private browsingEveryone loves his/her privacy. This comes even when you browse the internet. This is an issue when you use a shared computer. Browsers remember your history, which means that you have to clear your history if you do not want others to see what you have visited and what you have downloaded. It is a cumbersome when you have to do it over and over again, Isn’t it ?

So there is a cool feature on Mozilla Firefox it called Private Browsing. This feature comes with only 3.5 and later versions, but remember this does not make you browse the internet anonymously.

Private Browsing does not remember visited web sites, downloaded list, cached files and passwords. But if you bookmark while you browse private browsing, it will not be removed when you stop private browsing also the files you downloaded will not be deleted.

First, I suggest you update your mozila browser to the latest version if you have the older version (before 3.5)

Ok To start private browsing go to “Tools” and select “Start Private Browsing”
Mozilla Firefox click on start private browsing

Firefox will save your current tabs and when you are done with private browsing it will restore the tabs. Tick on “Do not show this message again” if you do not want to see this alert when you shift to private browsing.
start private browsing

Ok. You are in Private Browsing. You can see that browser shows you that you are using Private Browsing.
private browsing

When you are done with the Private Browsing session, you can go to “Tools” and hit on “Stop Private Browsing”
click on stop private browsing

And if you want to use Private Browsing always, you can go to “Options” and go to “Privacy” tab then select “Use custom settings for history”
use custom setting for history

Finally put a check on “Automatically start Firefox in a private browsing session” and click OK to save your changes.
automatically start firfox in a private browsing session

Thats how you can browse the internet privately with Firefox.

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