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Highlight tool makes your work easy

highlight penThere are so many people who have not installed google toolbar yet. If you also haven’t, I suggest installing it as it is an ideal tool bar which is required to this discussion as well.

Ok let me show you a simple, though great, tool which comes with google toolbar. It’s called “Highlight” tool and it’s bit puzzling as to why people are not versatile with this super tool, though they use google tool bar.

Imagine you search for something in an extensive web page. If web page is jam packed, having great deal of content this is kind of a cumbersome task to go through the whole page to find out what you want.

Sometimes the browser which directs to a web page from the search result doesn’t get you to the exact point of the page that you searched for so this tool helps you like these situations.

First Install google toolbar if you have not installed it yet.

ok .go to your web page and type what you want to find in google search box.
Google search on facemoods

and simply click on the Highlight tool.
highlighting tool

Now you can see this highlight tool highlights what you have typed in google search box.
highlighted facemoods

This is how highlight tool make your work easy.It is simple but it help you a lot

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