Haven’t still got free calls to Canada and US

google free calls

When it comes to the cheapest and the free, Google is the most prominent as Google offers the free and the excellent. I was thinking should I make post on this or not since  I wonder there are lot of people out there who is still unaware of  this.

Do you know you that you can get FREE calls to USA and CANADA ? I’m not talking about calling via a pc  using MSN messenger, Yahoo Messenger or Skype. I’m talking about calling over to the phone from a pc FREE. Yes, this opportunity is available from last year and it lasts till the end ot this year.

How to get FREE calls to Canada and US ?

First go to Link and click on “Try it now” button

google voice try in now

Install the plugin and restart the browser. Accept the agreement.



Now you can get free calls to Canada and US.

google voice

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