Have you come across with the New sign-in page in Google


Few months ago Google builded realtime search and they also improved Google search . Google corporation always improves their products. They have turned up with a major change in their Sign In page. The design has been modified. But still it directs to the old page when you access the sign in page. They’ve made us experiencing the latest version you can see too links appearing at the bottom of the Google sign in page.

By clicking “Preview it” you can jump in to the new look. According to Google you are allowed to skip the latest version and be in contact with the old ,if you are not so cozy with the new look. But that’s just for a certain period of time. Most probably the  new design maybe the default page in time to come.

Sometimes you may see the old page design again even if you switch to the new design. It happens due to signing in from a different browser or different location (IP address). Not to worry! it is not an error.  Always check the URL of the browser to make sure that you have landed in right Google sign in page. As you know,It’s apparent that Google sign in page is extremely Secured. Therefore check whether it is HTTPS and Because you may mistakenly type your Google user name and password in a different web page which is a trap of a spammer.

If you see any errors or bugs you can report here. Please report them because it helps foster their superior products.

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