Google introduces Google +1 button


Here is another  great work of Google. This is going to help when someone searches for something on the web, They can see how many people have recommended the relevant web page and they might be of your friends or family. According to Google  the Smart thing is ,Google gives priority to web pages which have  +1 recommendations in the search result.


Actually, by clicking on +1 Google button we recommend to people on the ideal web pages relevent to their search. In my opinion, this is as similar as clicking on the ” like” button on Facebook. Nevertheless google +1 button means something greater than that.  When someone clicks on  this button, It implies me that  he/she says “Here is another recommendation  for +1 concept”

How to Use Google +1 button ?

The user should have a Gmail account to use this button.They can submit their recommendations, after signing  in to their Gmail account.

First time it’s asking “Confirm how you’ll appear”.


Web site owners can make use of  Google +1 button from Google Web Master Tools and for advertisers Google +1 button will appear automatically in  search ads result in future.

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