featured profiles from about.me

Get your sexy and fancy profile page for free

featured profiles from about.me

Can you remember one of my previous aricles with the topic” how to get visitor feedback easily” which is a free online tool? Today I brought another great website to show you.  about.me gives you a sexy clean & single profile page for free. Yes you heard it right. It is absolutely free.

We have more profiles on internet.

Yes I know you have more profiles on internet such as Linkin, Twitter etc. But they basically target professionals and most of us use them for business purposes whereas your facebook profile is private for you. Therefore unwanted parties are not allowed to peep into your profile.

about.me looks handy and fancy. You can set your image as your profile background and scribble your details on it. On the other hand, It gives you a specific url to visit your profile (http//www.about.me/Yourname).

To get this started ,go to about.me and and enjoy your handy, fancy profile.

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