Get your Gmail backup and store it in a USB drive

Having a backup of your data is definitely a good thing. We never know what will happen to our data. What about your email backups? Have you got a backup created for you? There are major email providers like Gmail whom we can’t even think that they will make us helpless one day. But If someone hacks your Gmail account what if he/she deletes your entire inbox and sent items ? Scary right? I know it is and if you want to use your old email where internet is not available. Therefore having a backup is very important and useful.

We can use Outlook to get your backup. But there is a handy piece of free software out there. It’s called MailStore. Cool thing is we can even carry the backup in a USB pen drive.

Here is how to install this software.

Download the software and install it. Open the software. Click archive email to add your Gmail account.




Click on Google mail.


And enter your gmail user name and password. Go forward by licking next  button and click finish button finally.


enter gmail username and password

As soon as you click the Finish button it will start to analyze and download all mails.


All right !back up is ready now. Click on “Backup to HD or USB”




It will save two folders and two pdf files. You can find your backup data file, mailstore setup file and pdf read me file (how to restore your backup)

One thought on “Get your Gmail backup and store it in a USB drive

  1. Grace004 (Developer)

    Nice article..Backup is very important in today’s scenario to avoid loss of important emails in disruption. Beyond Inbox can be effective to backup your account as well as selected emails, you can restore, copy/move, set connection limit, account and more more with it.


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