Get visitor feedback easily

Obtaining visitors’ feedback is a good thing as you know what do visitors exactly look for? As an example suppose you want to ask your visitors that for how long have they been reading your blog. You can question them by dropping an email to your list or you can send a link via email where it directs a survey page. I believe that it’s not ethical to force or bother our readers in order to receive a feedback. You better pose your question without disturbing your visitors.

kissinsights is a great free tool which helps you  get visitor feedback. They have a survey of more than 40 templates. If you need to create your own survey you have to upgrade it. You can be aware of what your readers are looking for very easily.

It installs a handy box at the bottom of the website. You will receive an email once people submit their answers.


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  1. DJ ARIF says:

    Ah, Kissinsights is such a nice tool get visitors feedback easily… I’m so glad to see more than 40 templates of it’s own… Liked it….

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